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Shine your driving skills to become a professional driver

Driving is purely a skill and that’s the reason why many people don’t qualify to become professional drivers. Simply cruising along road doesn’t prove that you are eligible to drive heavy carriers or public transport vehicles. Apart from driving, any good professional driver ought to have good knowledge of traffic rules and patience to follow it each time he sits on any driving seat.

When you discuss driving, you need to know about the driving rules of the territory, where you are about to drive. Driving rules and conditions vary from country to country. Learning and practicing traffic rules keeps driver safe and away from any traffic rule violation. Professional driver must be willing to learn new driving skills and practice additional services like minor repairing. These qualities will transform you into a specialist professional driver.

Drivers eager for a professional driving career have opportunity to polish their driving skill set at any reputed Driver Training School (DTS) like Guaranteed Pass. You have liberty to choose from variety of driving programs according your preference.

All-in-One Driver Training School – Guaranteed Pass

Guaranteed Pass is one of the most accomplished Driving Training School in United Kingdom. Guaranteed Pass offers HGV Training Program, LGV Training Program, PCV Training Program and Driver CPC Training Program. Training at Guaranteed Pass will provide that little nudge you need in your driving career.

Heavy Goods Vehicle Training (HGV training)

Heavy Goods Vehicle Training will enable you to pursue career in Heavy Goods Vehicle driving. At Guaranteed Pass, you can book for free HGV driving assessment, which will let your instructors assess

about your existing driving skills. You will receive Theory Manual issued by Driving Standards Agency, which will educate you about more driving rules.

Large Goods Vehicle Training (LGV Training)

On successful completion of Large Goods Vehicle Training from Guaranteed Pass, you will become eligible for driving Large Goods Vehicles. The modules for this program have been distributed systematically, which ensures you learn all the basics of driving Large Goods Vehicle with competitive expertise.

Passenger Carrying Vehicle Training (PCV Training)

Guaranteed Pass will train you very effectively in PCV Training, if you wish to have a career in Passenger Carrying Vehicle driving. Obtaining a PCV category D license will qualifies you for driving both Minibus and Large Bus.

Driver Certificate of Potential Competence (Driver CPC)

In 2009, European Union Directive made Driver Certificate of Potential Competence mandatory for drivers in Europe and UK. Drivers willing to pursue career in professional heavy carrier and public transport vehicles must obtain Driver CPC. Every driver must undergo 35 hours of training at any Driver Training School to obtain this certificate.

Driver CPC at Guaranteed Pass is distributed in 4 easy modules which include Test driving ability test, case studies, theory test and practical demonstration test, which gives better understanding of legal, technological and career implications of professional driving.

What is the PCV training cost?

One will think or assume that there would require a huge amount of money to obtain a PCV licence for driving public vehicles or coaches. However, this is not the scenario. Initially there used to be problems but now all has become easy. The governments can issue you your license in about few days after you apply for it. This is because once you clear all the exams and tests associated with the PCV training, you are eligible for the licence.


There are many options available for you to learn and upgrade yourself as a skilled PCV driver. You enrol yourself in a driving course and pass the test to obtain the PCV driver licence. You are then no regular driver; rather you would be operating heavy public vehicles such as coaches, buses, minibuses, D+E and D+1E vehicles in and across the whole of UK. You would be capable of handling bog vehicles on your own which make you a skilled professional driver.


So in order to achieve that, you need to enrol yourself with reputed driving training schools which provide practice based learning of how to drive and handle these heavy Passsenger carrying vehicles. The course generally spans for two weeks or so and would command a training fees- both for training and obtaining the license on your behalf. Each day of the week entails training with actual coach driving and a test on the last day of the week. It would cost you less than £180 a day. There are numerous registered institutes that provide cost effective PCV training in the whole of UK and easily obtain their licence for the same. gone are the days when the process was cumbersome and the driving licence was not easy to obtain.


Once you clear and obtain the basic PCV licence, you also need to obtain a CPC certification of being a competent driver. This is mandatory if you want to become a bus driver. By spending just about £60 or so, you can become a qualified legitimate bus driver and obtain your driver qualification card.


So if you wish to enrol yourself in a PCV training school, you should not be tensed about the fees and cost of training. There are a lot of good institutes providing quality guidance and they are cost effective. They charge reasonably and help you build a professional career with a short period of coaching.

PCV training- Some Necessary Information You Should Know

Passenger carrying vehicles comprise of vehicles which are meant for public or private passenger services. Buses, minibuses, PCV D1+E, single or double Decker buses, coaches, bendy buses etc are various examples of the passenger vehicles which run on the roads. Of course one needs able drivers for them. One has to see that the drivers who are selected to operate these vehicles are skilled and experienced.


The drivers who wish to enrol themselves to drive these passenger training vehicles cannot just do with a normal driving licence. One needs to procure a licence by the PCV standards. The standards of PCV call for following a certain procedure for this. There are various training schools across all he regions of UK that train you for this job and whatever job you wish to have, they will help you get the licence for it. There are various courses for training for the drivers. The course depends on what kind of vehicles you aim for. There are courses for lgv, PCV, dangerous goods, trailers for towing services and so on.


For PCV training, you should take a PCV training course in which they teach you the job of making you drive and understand how to drive each vehicle. It is important to understand that each vehicle is different and you need to learn each vehicle and driving on the same. You will also receive practical training and then you would be fit to practice and drive any kind of vehicle.


It is always advisable to take up this training course so that you are able to make yourself an able, cautioned and skilled driver. These training courses also help to face and adapt the challenging situations. They teach you hazard preparations. Driving is not the only job that is there. You sometimes would have to deal with emergency issues and thus the training helps you to provide complete know how of events by which you can deal with situations.



The question then becomes how to find out a good PCV Training school . Well you can do this browsing on the internet. There are many institutes listed and you can compare to choose which should be the best for you. Looking at the cost and choosing the lesser expensive ones is not the correct way of doing so. Some charge high fee and make you a better driver. So you should look at reviews and testimonials before choosing.


All You Want to Know about Driver CPC Training Process

There are certain qualifications that the CPC qualification entails for the PCV and the PSV category. Driver CPC initial qualification, as it is called is what is required for anyone to procure a PSV licence.


However there are certain terms and aspects of these qualifications which are being discussed in this article. Firstly there are 2 modules to the driver CPC Training qualification. One is the theory test and the other is the half hour practical test for the demonstration purpose. There are many driving institutes which provide this learning package at a reasonable amount of £395. If you wish to only avail for the demonstration, that can be done for a lesser amount.


The learning package is advisable though because it saves you the time and effort that you yourself would engage in looking for the two types of training. The package entails all the necessary elements of the licence procurement process. The package includes’


  • learning material for theory test
  • theory test booked on your behalf
  • learning material for the test -both theory and practical
  • 4 hours one to one training with the instructor which includes practical training
  • use of vehicle for practical test
  • practical tests


Once you gave passed the practical part of the examination and training, you get your driver qualification card. The driver then obtains their licence.


It is always advisable to take up this training package. There is yet another condition. The person must also complete 35 man hours of practical driver training as well. This can be done in 7 hours modules. It is a part of the CPC training process generally and is a compulsory part of the licence obtaining process.


Training, whether theory or practical is both necessary to obtain for the PCV Driver. The training in the PCV is important because the driver needs to operate public vehicles like buses or minibuses or even coaches which carry people. It is that the driver has the sole responsibility of the people in his or her coach. He should be medically sound and experienced enough for the road. He or she should know all the vehicles properly and their functions.


The whole process can be easily dealt with if the person chooses to take up a package for this instead of going places for different approvals. This will save time and effort as well as costs because he or she has to spend on one place only.


Obtaining your provisional PCV Training licence

PCV refers to passenger carrying vehicle such as minibuses, buses, coaches, D+E vehicles and so on. If a person wishes to become a PCV driver, then he or she must have the PCV licence in order to so. The licence is obtained by a period of training. There are many driving schools in the whole of U\k to provide this type of training. PCV Training hails for a short period but is mandatory to be undertaken by the applicant.


There are some necessary aspects so as to complete the procedure of being a professional PCV or PSV driver. Some provisional entitlements need to be added like the following-


  • medical examination
  • the theory and hazard perception test
  • theory test training
  • category D test training


Medical examination and a D4 medical exam form followed by a D2 are compulsory to be filled and cleared by your doctor. Only then you would be returned your licence. A driver should be medically fit, that is, both physically and mentally capable. The medical examination is thus an essential prerequisite.


The next condition is the multiple choice theory and hazard perception tests. Generally in the UK , only DSA publications are preferred as the study material for the tests per se. These tests are easily available for booking at any time and at reasonable price. The drivers of the large vehicles need to go for this test. The PCV Training theory test is one part. The next part requires you to clear the practical driver training test for the category of D.


Or you have an excellent choice of going the other way round. Instead of going here and there for the various procedures listed and explained above, it is advisable to avail a package of a mere amount of £225 and get all this done with. The feature of the package includes the following-


  • the provisional licence application for D2
  • the digital card procurement
  • medical booking entailing an insurance as high as £150
  • the DSA PCV test booklet
  • the hazard perception DVD
  • the DSA guide for the person to learn about driving coaches and buses
  • the case studies theory book for experienced learning
  • highway codes
  • the test bookings for multiple choice and hazard perception
  • case studies theory booking for the tests




Obtaining your provisional LGV and HGV Training licence

In order to procure your own LGV or HGV licence as a professional driver, there are certain prerequisites that need to be met. A medical examination stands to be the first among them. The medical examination is necessary to ensure that the person is fit to drive heavy LGV and HGV vehicles. Some of the necessary tests which are done to procure the licence are the eyesight, circulation of the heart, nervous systems, urine tests, blood pressure, any other tests which may detect any illness or injury etc.


The medical examination is mandatory for anyone to get the licence made. Once you produce the document entailing you are medically fit for the job, only then you would be handed the licence. The medical sometimes is a part of the training process itself. The form consists of a questionnaire which would have a series of questions regarding the health of the person as well as the medical history.


Licence will also need the person having thoroughly studied and taken the tests of multiple choice and hazard perception. This is already a compulsory part of the HGV Training course for the driver but in case the person chooses not to enroll in training, the process of licence procurement needs the person to take these tests anyway. They can be easily book for a reasonable amount and clear the tests.


The next essential aspect of the licence procurement process is the category C1 and category C training for the drivers which is easily available. This requires some fixed amount of man hours for practical driving.


However if you do not wish to go from one place to another in getting all these things done, also you can avail one single package which includes all these services with procuring the licence very easily. The package is reasonably priced including the following services –


  • provisional application for the D2 licence form
  • a medical booking
  • the theory test book
  • hazard perception DVD
  • guide for driving goods vehicles
  • multiple choice theory of test booking
  • hazard perception theory test booking


If you take this package, then you are sorted once and for all. The whole package serves your need of the entire essential to obtain the necessary HGV licence without any hassle. There are many reputable institutes that are providing HGV Training packages which you can easily find on the internet.

PCV training for driving minibuses

In the recent times, the governments in the UK have stipulated strict conduct and certifications for the coach and bus drivers. Now the concept of PCV has changed as now the CPC qualification for the drivers for heavy public vehicles such as the minibuses and coaches. The driver would be hired by a company or organizations in making trips to the required destinations which may be tours to neighbouring cities, or countries, airports, stations and so on. It can turn out to be a really exciting job for the people


The reason for the governments to issue and make compulsory the CPC qualification is to ensure safe driving and respect for the traffic rules. This would reduce any mishaps or accidents and set a good example. The drivers of the minibuses are exposed to a greater danger and are responsible for the lives of many others. The necessary qualification for becoming a minibus driver include the following conditions-


  • The person must be at least 21 years old.
  • the minibus has at most 17 seats, so the driver must essentially have a PCV training entitlement for a category either D Or D1 -under the new rules, renewing the licence is compulsory. Your licence is not valid if not renewed, which means you are not entitled for any reward or hire for D or D1 till you get it renewed.
  • the person must be medically sound
  • If you have a medically restricted licence, then you can still drive the buses on a voluntary basis.


In case you do not possess a minibus entitlement, which is a category 1 entitlement, then you can still drive the minibus under these following conditions-

  • you may drive a bus with at most 16 seats
  • You have to be aged either 21 or above.
  • You are driving on a voluntary basis.
  • You are at least holder of a car licence and have a driving experience.
  • You must have no charges of rash driving
  • if you are above 70, then you would have to make special applications


One important note for the ones who do not hold a D1 category licence is that there is no salary or reward for driving the minibuses apart from the pocket allowances by the employer or on the behalf of the passengers foe the services. One needs to also note that if they are driving for an organisation they need not have the D Or the D1 license at all.

Is the LGV training cost too high?

LGV drivers or the large goods vehicle drivers’ need to be highly experienced and trained to drive any kind of vehicle. So for this they need to be trained well and properly. Without proper training, it would not be possible for you to get a good job. There are special licences for this purpose allowing the drivers to drive large vehicles which are only obtained if the driver has passed certain tests which also include a practical test.


If one undertakes all the training under one roof, all becomes easy. You do not need to go to different places to get the tests, you can have them all under one place. Once you enrol yourself for a training school, you can relax as all kinds of tests and training would be given to you to make you eligible for the LGV licence. And all this at a reasonable cost!


A training package for the LGV training would cost you not more than 176£. This would include aspects like medical examinations, theory tests and booking them on your behalf, knowledge about roads and codes. The additional packages shall also take care of your category training of any kind. Without practical training you are not eligible for any licence. Practical training costs different for different categories. In case of C1 category, it can be easily obtained with an amount of £515. The best method for this type of training for a candidate is to take a 4 hour assessment which would cost him or her a reasonable amount of 160£.


If you are confident enough and experienced already then you may not need a practical training type. You need to do is receive instruction as well as take a 10 hour theory course which may be adequate. There aare other categories as well. A category C would just cost you about 812 or a category C+E would cost you about 925. by the looks of it, it would seem to be a huge amount but if you view it as an investment for a lifelong experienced career then the cost would seem to be very reasonable.


Thus, the cost for LGV training is necessary for any potential driver to incur. If you are already an experienced as a driver, then you may not feel the need for it. However, it is always advisable to get yourself trained.


How to PROCURE LGV or HGV licence

Driving a large goods vehicle is not an easy task. Drivers need to be cautioned and skilled so that they are able to handle large goods vehicles and face no difficulties in driving them. This can be assured when the driver is experienced and knowledgeable. If you are a potential driver for this category, then you may have the skills and the expertise by acquiring some training.


The training procedures are not tedious or prolonged. If you deal with it correctly, then you may not face any difficulties. The procedure entails a few conditions. First you need to take the medical examination. As per the LGV or HGV standard, the potential driver needs to undertake a medical test for full body examination. This will include lots of tests to ensure that the person is medically sound.


Once the doctor or the physician is done with the D4 medical exam, you would need to fill certain forms and along with those you would have to produce your current licence. This will enable you to obtain the medical certificate and then the next procedure comes into the picture.


Theory and hazard perception is the next step. Here you need to take certain tests which include the multiple choice, hazard perception and case study profiles tests. These tests are compulsory and important for the driver’s knowledge. They cannot be ignored. The licence generating authority has to have you clear the tests, failing to which they would not issue the licence.


Instead of roaming here and there, one can simply take an entire package which would cover the tests and the agency from which you would avail the package, would also provide you the mandatory practical PCV training as well as make you obtain the permit.


The package is available at a mere amount of £175. The packages help in the first stages of obtaining your permit. If you avail all services under one roof, you would get some discounts as well. You can also get insurance of a reasonable amount. They know the ways by which the authorities work and they know how to handle the difficulties.


The whole package is very advantageous for those who are new in the field and do not have sufficient information. The starter package is available at a reasonable amount and provides you the basic training for the HGV driving. It would not even take the applicant three months to complete the whole training.

How to obtain your PCV or PSV licence

Obtaining a licence for PCV or PSV cannot be done just like that. It follows a procedure, and a strict one. The PCV or PSV vehicles entail training for potential drivers to be trained for vehicles for passengers. So the driver has responsibility for not only the vehicle but also the passengers and that becomes the greatest one. Their lives are in the hands of those who \are driving the vehicle. Hence, one needs to undertake a training procedure to qualify as a PCV or PSV driver as well as to obtain the required licence.


The first step in this case would be to undergo a thorough medical examination. The medical examination includes you to take the certain tests prescribed by the PCV rules and regulations. You can have the medical done separately from your own physician. Alternatively, you can avail the training package which would do a booking for you as well as provide you a medical insurance.


The medical tests would include a long questionnaire for you including the eyesight test, urine tests, blood pressure, hearts, lungs, abdomen, skeletal system and nervous system. When the full body examination would give you a clear chit, only then you can have your licence and permission to drive a PCV.


The next aspect includes the theory and hazard preparation tests which are again compulsory for the potential driver to take. They direct and prepare you for any potential danger and emergency situations and make you able enough to withstand them. It is easy to undertake these tests. They are available everywhere. And also they are available at a reasonable cost. There is a lot of literature available for this. In all you take 3 tests- multiple choice, hazard perception and case studies.


In case you do not wish to go to 10 places to undertake the tests and the exams and then the licence, you can simply avail for a PCV training starter package which includes the above mentioned services and some additional ones like insurance and tachograph application. This would cost you a meagre amount of 222£ and would make you fully eligible for the PCV licence which you would get in a couple of days right after application.


In the starter package , the tasks are done in an organized fashion and would entail timely completion of the whole procedure in less than 3 months or so to become a legitimate driver.