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Training programs for PCV

To become a PCV driver you have to follow certain rules and regulations. For instance if you really want to make a career in PCV driving, you must be able to furnish the correct and the most appropriate form of license needed to drive a PCV vehicle. The license again is obtained in different categories of PCV and depends on the weight of the vehicle.

To be able to drive a PCV commercially, it is very important and at the same time necessary to undergo proper training from a good institute of repute before you appear for the PCV license test. When you obtain the PCV training and the license to drive a vehicle commercially, you will be able to work for any bus transport company or organization and get to be employed with them for driving the vehicle in the local area, nationally or internationally across the continent of Europe.

When you do have the PCV license with you, you will be able to work as a driver for the multi drop delivery system, you will be able to drive the tankers containing liquids and powers, drive box containers and the vehicles with the curtain sides, also get to transport the live stocks across the country and other goods that are temperature controlled items.

You can also seek employment as a coach driver and travel to long distance commercially with 8 or more number of passengers. However to obtain the PCV license, you must have a clear driving license and also undergo proper PCV training from a good institute of repute. Once you are ready with your training, you can appear for the PCV license test either in your own vehicle or in a vehicle provided by the test center. In case you want to make use of your own vehicle, you must maintain the standards of the vehicle as per the standards mentioned by the DSA.

There are several modules in a PCV license test that you must follow. Those models are namely, the theory test, the practical test, the on road practical test and also the case studies. And as a student, you must be able to pass on all the four modules individually and in total so as to obtain the PCV license. You can always appear for the test by applying to the DSA directly by their website or you can also take help from the driving training institute through which you are receiving the training.

Important information on PCV training

If you wish to get employed with a good transport company as a specialist PCV driver, you must obtain a proper PCV license. But to get a PCV license, you must also undergo proper PCV training from a good driving training institute. Once you successfully pass the PCV training and obtain the license, a whole new world awaits you as you would then be entitled to serve the logistics, distribution and also the transportation companies in the country as a valid and knowledgeable PCV driver.

In the past few years, there have been a huge demand in the position of PCV drivers since it requires a lot of determination, experience, grit and of course knowledge. And as a driver, you will be rewarded with free traveling to different parts of the country. Satisfy your wanderlust once you become an expert PCV driver. The career of a PCV driver is very demanding but at the same time, the pays and perks for this career is also great.

Usually PCV training lasts for 7 days and it can be obtained from different driving training institutes that are located all over the country. The training process is different for the different training schools and that way you should look for a good school of repute if you really wish to get training in PCV programs and make a career out of it.

To obtain PCV training and making a career in it, you have to be more than 18 years of age and also have a proper UK driving license. Usually PCV training consists of theory and practical classes and also an on road practical class. You must appear for all the modules of the PCV license test, usually the modules for PCV training include a test in theory, a practical test and also an on road practical test along with the case studies.

You must also pass in all these modules if you wish to obtain the PCV license. Generally you can obtain assistance from your center instructor for filling up the license form and the center will ensure that your filled form is sent to DSA on your behalf. If you wish, you can also appear for the PCV license with your vehicle but for that your vehicle must maintain the standards of DSA as mentioned in the rule and guidance book. The cost for PCV training varies on your skills and you should visit a driving training center to find more information in this regard.

Benefits of choosing a good driving training school

If you wish to obtain a commercial driving license for PCV, you must make it a point to choose a good driving training school that has proper experience and good reputation as its back up. When choosing a good driving training school, you must also take a good look at the fleet of the different training vehicles, the quality and the qualification of the instructors and also whether the fees for the PCV training is within the affordable range or not. It is always a wise and a good idea to stay away from any such driving training school that offers guaranteed driving licenses if you do the PCV training with them.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed license and obtaining a license solely depends on your knowledge and training on PCV. PCV stands for the passenger carrying vehicles and to drive such a PCV commercially, you must have proper license in any category of the PCV training.

To obtain a license on PCV training, you must be more than 18 years of age and also have a clean driving license. The tenure of the course usually varies between 2 to 5 or 3 to 7 days. There are several driving training institutes of repute in the market and all of them offer great course materials for the PCV training in both the online format and the classroom coaching format. They also offer practical classes along with theoretical ones.

The course model for the PCV training is such that it includes a practical test and a theory test along with the road practical test and the case studies. You as a student need to pass all these modules to obtain the license. If you wish you can also perform the test on your vehicle. However for that, you must maintain your vehicle according to the standards of the DSA as mentioned in the test guidelines.

The price of the PCV training varies with different motor training school. Usually the driving training school provides its students with an assessment test through which they are able to judge and tell the amount of training required and the cost involved with the process. There are several such driving training schools that offer PCV training at really competitive prices. You can always opt for an assessment test in any such good institute of repute and obtain the PCV license after a thorough PCV training.

Facts and details about PCV training

PCV stands for the passenger carrying vehicles or the public carrying vehicles. They were earlier known as the Public Service Vehicles or the PSVs. These vehicles are such that they can carry around 9 to 16 people in them. Some such vehicles are coaches, minibuses, or light vehicles that are used for ferrying people from one destination to the other for a charge. Such vehicles might or might not also include a trailer.

If you have a B category driving license that had been issued on or before January 1997, you are entitled to drive a vehicle of D1 class for private use. However, you will not be entitled to drive the same for any fare or fee. For driving a vehicle commercially, you must take a new test on PCV training. To obtain a driving license on PCV training, you must pass some tests that include both the practical and the theoretical.

There are different categories in PCV training and depending on the capacity and also the size of your vehicle; you can pursue the PCV training from a good driving training school. For instance, if you wish to drive a minibus, you should obtain the D1 license. Usually a minibus has a capacity of ferrying 8 to 16 people in one trip. Similarly, the D1+E license under the PCV training is for the vehicles that can carry 9 to 16 people in one go. It can also allow you to attach a trailer to the vehicle, but the trailer must be within the 750kg category. The D category license allows for full coach driving license that can carry more than 16 people while the D+E license allows trailers along with the vehicles.

If you wish to obtain the PCV training, you must be an adult and more than 18 years of age. You must also possess the requisite car driving license too. One of the steps also involves passing a stringent medical test and your instructor at the driving training center can help you in learning and also understanding the different parameters that you must follow and pass through for passing the test.

The test that you must appear for the PCV license involves both the theoretical and the practical knowledge. For the theory, you have to answer a hazard perception and a multiple choice section. For the practice sessions though, you can familiarize with your driving training school.