A complete guide to LGV training

By | November 27, 2014

Opt for LGV training if you are interested in earning a handful of salary at the end of each month while also going for an honorable job. Getting a job as a LGV driver can fetch you several great benefits since this kind of a job is always in high demand and the different commercial transport companies are always looking for skilled and expert LGV drivers who can handle the large goods vehicle with proper expertise.

The LGV vehicles also have an alternative name, HGV vehicles which stand for the heavy goods vehicle. If you wish to drive the LGV vehicles commercially, you must possess a valid LGV license along with proper LGV training from a reputed driving training institute. There are several driving training institutes that are spread all over the country of UK and they all provide excellent LGV training program for all those individuals who wish to make a career in LGV driving.

There are different training classifications under the LGV training program and you would do well to learn more about the various training categories so that you can choose the training program that is best for you. If you want to be eligible for the LGV training program, you must be more than 18 years of age and also possess a valid UK driving license. If the driving license was obtained on or before January 1997, you will also be able to get the C1 license automatically.

Of the several training classifications under the LGV training, the class C license is meant for those vehicles that are more than 7.5 tonnes in gross weight but the weight of the vehicle should not exceed 32 tonnes. These vehicles are also known as the class 2 vehicles and include the rigid vehicles along with the other vehicles like a car and a trailer.

The C+E category training under the LGV training program deals with the articulated vehicles and also the draw bar vehicles. When you have the C+E license, it can also be assumed that you have obtained the C1+E license and also the B+E license as well. The best thing about opting for a LGV driving job is that it is always in high demand and even during the high recession globally, there is no dearth of the job in this sector. In fact all the transport companies are willing to pay a handsome salary for a skilled LGV driver.

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