A sneak peek at the comprehensive PCV driver training program procedures

By | July 25, 2014

Obtaining a PCV driver license and getting PCV driver training London is definitely going to be your first step towards a stable job, with the bonus of job security. The transportation business is here to stay for as long as people exist. And hence you can be sure that if nothing, a driver will always be an inevitable part of life. Be assured, that as a driver you are sure to never go out of job!

The training procedure:

Different PCV training centres take different methods to train the drivers. The various step by step procedure involved in each of these centres may vary but the ultimate aim would be the same, to mould a good responsible and efficient driver out of the trainee. In certain PCV training London centres, a very in-depth and detailed process of training is followed. Once the member passes the interview, he will have to take the theory test and then a case study follows. This is continued with an official driving training that lasts up to 12 days. The most important point to be noted is that these levels are all elimination based. That would mean you need to clear each of these steps to go further forward. Once you pass all the levels, the trainee is then taken through a garage based induction that will go on for at least 2 weeks until you are placed in the service as a full-fledged driver.

Other training methods involved:

In some other PCV training London centres, the procedure followed is quite different. They tread an altogether different path to get the individuals trained. Before inducting the trainee into the course, they conduct an assessment test (involves on-road testing too) to understand the level of training he requires.Your PCV training cost will largely depend on this.

Basic prerequisites

For any centre, the basic prerequisite to take a trainee is the same. He/she must be 21 years old or over to be eligible to undergo the course. Some insist that they should be holding the licence for at least 2 years while taking the admission to the course. PassingA D4 medical test is also set as mandatory by some training centresas per the rules set by DVLA. The PCV Theory and Hazard Perception test is also common to all. Finally, before you set out to work you have to clear the Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC, a practical test so that the training course is complete.

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