All you need to know about PCV training

By | July 23, 2014

If you think, you are an able driver and could handle the task of driving big vehicles, and then PCV driving is a great option for you. PCV means passenger carrying vehicle driving. This article explains you all about how to enrol yourself about PCV and its training available in UK.


For this job, one cannot do without proper competent training. It is not that you are driving any vehicle, but rather heavy public vehicles which are impossible to operate by regular drivers. So transport training is a pre requisite. Besides, you cannot get a PCV driving license if you are not trained. For this you need to enrol yourself to a PCV training school. There are many institutes which offer this training. They train you for driving almost all kinds of big vehicles like bus, minibus, automatic bus, coaches, D+E or D1+E vehicles.


Thus, without any affiliation to any driving school and certification from it, you cannot obtain a license in PCV training. However, you must also be careful enough to see that the institute is fully legitimate and registered with the Jaunt and ITSSAR, DSA and the RTITB. All these are organisations which are standard authoritarian institutions for the drivers across the country.


The PCV training institute trains you and makes you fit for driving any public vehicle. Apart from the licensing, there are other benefits too. Some of them are listed as follows-


  • The institute provides you with aa host of vehicles to learn and drive making you a competent driver.
  • The training provides you quality learning experience with experienced and qualified trainers.
  • The institutes entail a qualified and devoted management and staff working for your aid and lastly,
  • They aid you in procuring your driving licence once you clear all the required tests.


You can either search the yellow pages or straight away look them up on the internet. As mentioned above, there are many training schools already. If you are really confused about where to go, then you should look at aspects like the pass rates, experience, reviews, better staff and experienced drivers or trainers, fees and other services. You can compare and then choose the one which suits you the best or seek advice from some friend. This helps in ruling out many and choosing the best institute. Reviewing testimonials of the institutes is another way of finding out which one is better than the other.

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