Get Best Training to become a HGV/LGV Driver in London, UK

By | July 22, 2014

If you are interested in a new career option that has huge demand, you should consider becoming a HGV/LGV driver. In order to be an HGV driver in UK, you need a special license that can be earned after HGV/LGV training Slough in mere five days. If you are really a hard worker and can go through intensive 7-10 hours daily training, you can easily get this license within days.

One you get your license after HGV/LGV training London, the probability of finding a job is very high. There are thousands of vacancies in the UK alone. As an HGV driver, you can earn hundreds of pounds a week. Although you may start at a slightly lesser pay, but will catch up fast one you have adequate experience.

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a HGV/LGV driver after HGV/LGV training slough is that you can visit the remotest areas of the country and enjoy the countryside. You can even travel outside the UK once you have authorization to do so. As a HGV/LGV driver, you can work on a permanent or temporary basis. Furthermore, you can also set your working hours either days or nights.

If you are not interested in working internationally you can work locally or nationally. Of course, some of the best opportunities are available to all those who are most flexible and offer themselves to all types of runs. If you are concerned about the cost of HGV/LGV training London, you should not worry as you can easily fund the training from your own pockets, or you can even get educational loan or credit.

In order to become eligible to drive HGV/LGV, you should apply for either Category C+E or Category C license. With Category C license, you can drive one-unit truck as they are easier to handle. On the other hand, Category C+E allows you to drive truck that comes with a removable trailer.

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