How to choose the best LGV training program

By | November 24, 2014

If you wish to choose such a career that will give you honorable position in the society and also offer you a lucrative pay package as well, one of the best choices that you have in the market is to opt for a LGV training program from a reputed driving training institute.

In fact, choosing the career path in LGV training can provide you with great benefits in terms of salary and also offer you the chance to visit the exotic countryside without paying for the vacation. It is like having a vacation while on a job. There is always a high demand for the LGV drivers in the transport domain since the position demands a lot of expertise and skills along with perfect knowledge about the traffic conditions and also the vehicles.

The functions of a LGV driver is such that you must keep your eyes and ears open while traveling on road with the goods. LGV stands for the large goods vehicle and it also has an alternative name of HGV which stands for the heavy goods vehicle. There are several categories of LGV training and depending on the weight of the vehicle; you can choose the training classification for the LGV training.

To be eligible for the LGV license, you must be more than 18 years of age and must also possess the basic driving license to be able to drive all over the country of UK. To be able to drive the LGV vehicles commercially, however you must also possess the driver CPC certification along with the LGV training if your license has been obtained in January 1997 or earlier.

As mentioned earlier, there are several categories under the LGV training and depending on the weight of the vehicle that you wish to drive; you must choose your training categories. Some of the classes and classification of the LGV training include the following:

The C category of the LGV training deals with the vehicles that are rigid and they are also termed as the Class 2 vehicles. The C1 category treats those vehicles that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes but less than 7.5 tonnes. The C+E category is also known as the training for driving the Class 1 vehicles. Once you have the details of all the LGV training classification, you can easily determine the training classification that you wish to choose from a reputed driving training institute.

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