How to PROCURE LGV or HGV licence

By | July 24, 2014

Driving a large goods vehicle is not an easy task. Drivers need to be cautioned and skilled so that they are able to handle large goods vehicles and face no difficulties in driving them. This can be assured when the driver is experienced and knowledgeable. If you are a potential driver for this category, then you may have the skills and the expertise by acquiring some training.


The training procedures are not tedious or prolonged. If you deal with it correctly, then you may not face any difficulties. The procedure entails a few conditions. First you need to take the medical examination. As per the LGV or HGV standard, the potential driver needs to undertake a medical test for full body examination. This will include lots of tests to ensure that the person is medically sound.


Once the doctor or the physician is done with the D4 medical exam, you would need to fill certain forms and along with those you would have to produce your current licence. This will enable you to obtain the medical certificate and then the next procedure comes into the picture.


Theory and hazard perception is the next step. Here you need to take certain tests which include the multiple choice, hazard perception and case study profiles tests. These tests are compulsory and important for the driver’s knowledge. They cannot be ignored. The licence generating authority has to have you clear the tests, failing to which they would not issue the licence.


Instead of roaming here and there, one can simply take an entire package which would cover the tests and the agency from which you would avail the package, would also provide you the mandatory practical PCV training as well as make you obtain the permit.


The package is available at a mere amount of £175. The packages help in the first stages of obtaining your permit. If you avail all services under one roof, you would get some discounts as well. You can also get insurance of a reasonable amount. They know the ways by which the authorities work and they know how to handle the difficulties.


The whole package is very advantageous for those who are new in the field and do not have sufficient information. The starter package is available at a reasonable amount and provides you the basic training for the HGV driving. It would not even take the applicant three months to complete the whole training.

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