Is the LGV training cost too high?

By | July 24, 2014

LGV drivers or the large goods vehicle drivers’ need to be highly experienced and trained to drive any kind of vehicle. So for this they need to be trained well and properly. Without proper training, it would not be possible for you to get a good job. There are special licences for this purpose allowing the drivers to drive large vehicles which are only obtained if the driver has passed certain tests which also include a practical test.


If one undertakes all the training under one roof, all becomes easy. You do not need to go to different places to get the tests, you can have them all under one place. Once you enrol yourself for a training school, you can relax as all kinds of tests and training would be given to you to make you eligible for the LGV licence. And all this at a reasonable cost!


A training package for the LGV training would cost you not more than 176£. This would include aspects like medical examinations, theory tests and booking them on your behalf, knowledge about roads and codes. The additional packages shall also take care of your category training of any kind. Without practical training you are not eligible for any licence. Practical training costs different for different categories. In case of C1 category, it can be easily obtained with an amount of £515. The best method for this type of training for a candidate is to take a 4 hour assessment which would cost him or her a reasonable amount of 160£.


If you are confident enough and experienced already then you may not need a practical training type. You need to do is receive instruction as well as take a 10 hour theory course which may be adequate. There aare other categories as well. A category C would just cost you about 812 or a category C+E would cost you about 925. by the looks of it, it would seem to be a huge amount but if you view it as an investment for a lifelong experienced career then the cost would seem to be very reasonable.


Thus, the cost for LGV training is necessary for any potential driver to incur. If you are already an experienced as a driver, then you may not feel the need for it. However, it is always advisable to get yourself trained.


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