Necessary information about LGV training

By | November 22, 2014

If you are looking for an alternative career path, you should wisely opt for the LGV training. With a LGV license, you will be able to drive the HGV or the LGV vehicles. LGV stands for the large goods vehicle and it is the same as the HGV which again stands for the heavy goods vehicle. You must possess the LGV license to drive the LGVs commercially. There are many different categories of LGV training available and if you wish to obtain a LGV license, you should ideally undergo a proper LGV training from a reputed driving training institute.

Here are some of the training categories that are available under the LGV training programs; you will do well in understanding and learning about them for guidance:

The C category under the LGV training deals with those vehicles that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes but is within the limits of 7.5 tonnes. You must also be more than 18 years of age to avail the LGV training and also hold a basic driving license for UK. If your basic driving license was obtained on or before January, 1997, you should also appear for the Driver CPC test along with the LGV driving test but you get entitled to the C1 license automatically.

The class C license under the LGV training license helps you in driving those vehicles that are more than 7.5 tonnes of gross weight and those that do not exceed the weight of 32 tonnes. These vehicles are also termed as class 2 vehicles, and include the rigid vehicle along with the other vehicle like a car and a trailer.

The C+E category classification under the LGV training program is for the articulated vehicles and the draw bar vehicles. Having this training completed will enable you to drive any kind of LGV vehicle commercially. When you have the C+E license, it is safely assumed that you have passed the B+E and the C1+E license as well.

Bagging a job of LGV driver has its rewards and advantages. The job is in high demand even during the times of global recession and also boasts of high perks and lucrative salary. You also get to satisfy your traveling quest as you get to travel across the country side for free and also get paid for the same. The job comes with flexible schedules and is also backed with excellent perks and benefits for you to enjoy.

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