Obtaining your provisional LGV and HGV Training licence

By | July 24, 2014

In order to procure your own LGV or HGV licence as a professional driver, there are certain prerequisites that need to be met. A medical examination stands to be the first among them. The medical examination is necessary to ensure that the person is fit to drive heavy LGV and HGV vehicles. Some of the necessary tests which are done to procure the licence are the eyesight, circulation of the heart, nervous systems, urine tests, blood pressure, any other tests which may detect any illness or injury etc.


The medical examination is mandatory for anyone to get the licence made. Once you produce the document entailing you are medically fit for the job, only then you would be handed the licence. The medical sometimes is a part of the training process itself. The form consists of a questionnaire which would have a series of questions regarding the health of the person as well as the medical history.


Licence will also need the person having thoroughly studied and taken the tests of multiple choice and hazard perception. This is already a compulsory part of the HGV Training course for the driver but in case the person chooses not to enroll in training, the process of licence procurement needs the person to take these tests anyway. They can be easily book for a reasonable amount and clear the tests.


The next essential aspect of the licence procurement process is the category C1 and category C training for the drivers which is easily available. This requires some fixed amount of man hours for practical driving.


However if you do not wish to go from one place to another in getting all these things done, also you can avail one single package which includes all these services with procuring the licence very easily. The package is reasonably priced including the following services –


  • provisional application for the D2 licence form
  • a medical booking
  • the theory test book
  • hazard perception DVD
  • guide for driving goods vehicles
  • multiple choice theory of test booking
  • hazard perception theory test booking


If you take this package, then you are sorted once and for all. The whole package serves your need of the entire essential to obtain the necessary HGV licence without any hassle. There are many reputable institutes that are providing HGV Training packages which you can easily find on the internet.

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