Shine your driving skills to become a professional driver

By | July 25, 2014

Driving is purely a skill and that’s the reason why many people don’t qualify to become professional drivers. Simply cruising along road doesn’t prove that you are eligible to drive heavy carriers or public transport vehicles. Apart from driving, any good professional driver ought to have good knowledge of traffic rules and patience to follow it each time he sits on any driving seat.

When you discuss driving, you need to know about the driving rules of the territory, where you are about to drive. Driving rules and conditions vary from country to country. Learning and practicing traffic rules keeps driver safe and away from any traffic rule violation. Professional driver must be willing to learn new driving skills and practice additional services like minor repairing. These qualities will transform you into a specialist professional driver.

Drivers eager for a professional driving career have opportunity to polish their driving skill set at any reputed Driver Training School (DTS) like Guaranteed Pass. You have liberty to choose from variety of driving programs according your preference.

All-in-One Driver Training School – Guaranteed Pass

Guaranteed Pass is one of the most accomplished Driving Training School in United Kingdom. Guaranteed Pass offers HGV Training Program, LGV Training Program, PCV Training Program and Driver CPC Training Program. Training at Guaranteed Pass will provide that little nudge you need in your driving career.

Heavy Goods Vehicle Training (HGV training)

Heavy Goods Vehicle Training will enable you to pursue career in Heavy Goods Vehicle driving. At Guaranteed Pass, you can book for free HGV driving assessment, which will let your instructors assess

about your existing driving skills. You will receive Theory Manual issued by Driving Standards Agency, which will educate you about more driving rules.

Large Goods Vehicle Training (LGV Training)

On successful completion of Large Goods Vehicle Training from Guaranteed Pass, you will become eligible for driving Large Goods Vehicles. The modules for this program have been distributed systematically, which ensures you learn all the basics of driving Large Goods Vehicle with competitive expertise.

Passenger Carrying Vehicle Training (PCV Training)

Guaranteed Pass will train you very effectively in PCV Training, if you wish to have a career in Passenger Carrying Vehicle driving. Obtaining a PCV category D license will qualifies you for driving both Minibus and Large Bus.

Driver Certificate of Potential Competence (Driver CPC)

In 2009, European Union Directive made Driver Certificate of Potential Competence mandatory for drivers in Europe and UK. Drivers willing to pursue career in professional heavy carrier and public transport vehicles must obtain Driver CPC. Every driver must undergo 35 hours of training at any Driver Training School to obtain this certificate.

Driver CPC at Guaranteed Pass is distributed in 4 easy modules which include Test driving ability test, case studies, theory test and practical demonstration test, which gives better understanding of legal, technological and career implications of professional driving.

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