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Training programs for PCV

To become a PCV driver you have to follow certain rules and regulations. For instance if you really want to make a career in PCV driving, you must be able to furnish the correct and the most appropriate form of license needed to drive a PCV vehicle. The license again is obtained in different categories… Read More »

Shine your driving skills to become a professional driver

Driving is purely a skill and that’s the reason why many people don’t qualify to become professional drivers. Simply cruising along road doesn’t prove that you are eligible to drive heavy carriers or public transport vehicles. Apart from driving, any good professional driver ought to have good knowledge of traffic rules and patience to follow… Read More »

PCV training- Some Necessary Information You Should Know

Passenger carrying vehicles comprise of vehicles which are meant for public or private passenger services. Buses, minibuses, PCV D1+E, single or double Decker buses, coaches, bendy buses etc are various examples of the passenger vehicles which run on the roads. Of course one needs able drivers for them. One has to see that the drivers… Read More »