HGV and LGV Driver Training

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GP Training provides first class specialist training to meet the needs of the Transport and Distribution industry sector.

Witha shortage of over 60,000 drivers and a growing demand for driverswilling to travel across the UK and Europe there has never been abetter time to qualify as an LGV Driver.

The open road offers an exciting and challenging career, foreigntravel and a salary of up to £50,000 based on skills and experience.

GP Training provideflexible training facilities and courses to suit our studentsthroughout the year. Our company vision is simply - to put ourcustomers first. We offer a professional service with no hidden costsor gimmicks, just a commitment to get you qualified and on the road toa better career. Thousands of HGV drivers started their careers with GP Training. You could be the next. Our professional team are waiting to help.

The transport and distribution industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the service sector. Logistics plays an important role in the success of a business- be it distribution of goods to retailers and customers, or sending posts and couriers among people. Most of such logistics is done through large goods vehicles, for which there is a huge demand for trained drivers.

Why driving?

You might be wondering what is so special about driving large goods vehicles and why should you consider it as a prospective career opportunity. The following are the reasons why you should think of it:

  • There is a lack of skilled and qualified drivers across Europe and UK, implying that there is less competition in this field.
  • It provides a fantastic opportunity to travel across the entire region, besides the thrill of enjoying foreign locations every day.
  • Depending on experience and level of skills possessed, drivers could earn a salary as high as £50,000.
  • Once you are experienced in the field, you could get highly lucrative career opportunities with immense scope for growth.

Why GP Training?

If you want specialist training courses in driving, GP Training is the undisputed leader of excellence in the same. It provides flexible training facilities and courses to match the convenience of the students all round the year. The process of training, which starts with admission, teaching and final obtaining of license, is completely transparent, with no hidden or false gimmicks.

You can easily secure admission in a training course, the duration and cost of which will depend on your level of knowledge. If you are a driver enrolling for refresher training programmes, you just need to appear for a driving assessment so that the instructors are able to judge your expertise and assign you the course accordingly.

Once you have taken admission for a driver training programme at GP Training, you can be rest assured about the quality of teaching you will receive. The instructors are all masters in their fields and are committed to getting you qualified. After successful completion of the course, you will obtain your license which will allow you to drive large vehicles on road.