Applying for provisional entitlement for larger vehicles, minibuses and buses

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If you currently hold a valid full paper or photo-card license and want to add provisional entitlement to drive larger vehicles LGV (HGV), and/or buses PCV (PSV), you must complete the application form D2 and the medical report form D4. You can obtain the forms from our offices, by post, or directly from the DVLA form ordering service.

D2 Form , D4 Form

For a driving professional, driving a large vehicle such as bus/ coach or heavy goods vehicle is a matter of great responsibility. Safety of numerous passengers and valuable cargo is something which he has to ensure at every step. A formal training in driving passenger carrying vehicles and heavy goods vehicle would be very beneficial both for the driver and common people, as there would be lesser chances of road mishaps if the driver is well trained.

Provisional license

If you are below the age of 18 years but above the age of 15 ½ years and still want to start training in driving large vehicles, then you must have a provisional driving license. You must obtain an instruction permit, as it is the first step in the direction of you getting a full- fledged license for driving. The provisional license is so called because it is given to people who are under the age of 18 years but still want to drive.

A provisional license has more restrictions than the license given to adults (above 18 years of age) because that is a very vulnerable age to drive large vehicles. A person between 15 ½ and 18 years is not yet ready to face the challenges of driving a heavy vehicle- road rules, legal implications, individual and passenger health and safety issues, etc. Hence it is important to control the activities of such drivers when it comes to handling such a huge responsibility.

How does GP Training help you get a provisional license?

If you want to obtain the provisional entitlement for driving large goods vehicles (LGVs) and passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs), you need to satisfy two conditions:

  1. You must hold a valid full paper or photo- card license in your name.
  2. You should complete the application form D2 and a medical report form D4 with all the details required.

The forms can be obtained from the offices of GP Training, or by post or directly from the DVLA service. Once the forms are filled and necessary formalities carried out, you can start driving large vehicles on a provisional basis.