C Upto 32 Tones

Life of the traffic patrol department would have been so complicated if there were no categorisation of vehicles in the driving license!

The Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) Category C license was earlier called HGV (High Goods Vehicle) Class 2. Once the driving test is passed and the license is obtained, it entitles the drivers to drive any vehicle of maximum authorised mass (MAM) of minimum 3.5tons and maximum 32tons.

These vehicles are commonly referred to as rigid vehicles wherein the main cab and the trailer are fixed together for good. Such vehicles are used for construction purposes.

Any additional trailer if towed along with should not exceed the weight of 750kgs.

Varieties of Category C –

So the basic difference between Categories C, C1 and C1+E license is:

  • Category C1 license permits you to drive vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 7.5 tons.
  • Category C license permits for vehicles with gross weight of up to 32 tons.
  • Category C1+ E license permits for any heavy goods vehicle, wherein the letter ‘E’ represents entitlement of an additional trailer.

Criteria and process to get Category C license –

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You have to have a valid Category B license.
  3. A ‘rigid’ lorry test is must – with light trailers, no weight restrictions and nothing that bends in the middle.
  4. An initial assessment is done to judge the status of your knowledge and capability, post which the training academy decides what magnitude of training you require.
  5. You need to appear for a Driver Theory Test and Driver CPC Theory Test, further followed by Driving Practical Test.
  6. Category C License issued before 9th September 2009 entitle 'Acquired Rights' and you become automatically entitled to Driver CPC.

Category C license is the most common one held for the heavy goods vehicle. Once you obtain this license, you are automatically entitled to a C1 license. Moreover, C is the stepping stone to acquire Category C+E license. They say, with a C+E or ‘Class 1’ license, you can drive any type of large and heavy goods vehicle!