C1+E License

What is it?

In the United Kingdom, the driving license comes with various categories like A, B, C, D, their variants and many more, imprinted thereon. Now a C1 driving license permits the driver to drive medium-sized vehicles (like van and lorry) weighing 3500-7500kgs. But a C1+E license entitles a driver to add an extra trailer weighing up to 750kgs along with the3500-7500kgs MAM (Maximum Authorized Mass). The MAM of this combination (the towing vehicle and the additional trailer) should not exceed 12000kgs.

Who can get it and how?

Different rules prevail for different countries but on a macro level, they stand the same. The basic eligibility for acquiring a driving license is the age of above 18 years. However, for an upgrade to the C1+E license, one has to pass certain tests of skills and behavior; otherwise generally, the minimum age for eligibility remains 21 years.

Individuals having appeared for driving tests before 1st January 1997 are eligible for C1+E license entitlement. They will have an absolute towing vehicle and additional trailer, with a combined MAM of 8250kgs.

Those who have passed the driving test after 1st January 1997 will have to go through a longer process. They will have to attempt C1 theory and practical, followed by C1E practical. The C1 license holders can upgrade their license thus.

The practical tests usually are taken on the vehicle the individuals have taken their training on. Theory tests have to be passed too.

Points to remember

  • If you wish to apply for a provisional entitlement to drive a larger vehicle like lorry, minibus or bus, you must have already acquired a full car license.
  • When you obtain the provisional entitlement, you may take the test for the new category, to which you wish to upgrade.
  • Taking a test for C1+E license is a necessity if you are seeking employment in the breakdown and recovery sector.
  • If you are above 45 years of age and holding a C1 license, you will have to undergo a medical examination to ensure that your C1+E license remains valid.