C1 License

What is it?

Wondering what a C1 license is? A C1 (or, Category 1) driving license permits the entitled drivers to drive vehicles (like van and lorry) weighing 3500-7500kgs, with a trailer weighing up to 750kgs.

Who can get it and how?

If you are above 18 years of age, you are eligible to get a C1 license. Individuals are entitled to get a C1 license only after passing their driving tests.

The acquiring process of a C1 license is simple for individuals who have appeared for their driving tests before 1st January 1997. Those who have passed the test after this date will have to go through a longer process thus –

  1. they have to meet higher medical standards
  2. they have to obtain a provisional C1 license
  3. they have to attempt a theory and practical C1 driving tests
  4. then they finally get a C1 license

Apart from this, the drivers, if using the license for professional purposes, also need to meet the Driver CPC requirement.

Where can one get a C1 driving training?

Without the appropriate driving training, your C1 license is a waste! There are several training academies glocally. Take your pick as the one that is well-equipped with the modern facilities, well-maintained training tools, spacious driving ranges and conventional tractor trailers so that the beginner drivers can set their hands well. It is also important that the training staff is professionally trained with adequate experience in driving. It will be good if you ensure that the training academy is a registered approved training provider!

Benefits of a driver training program

Treat the training program cost as an investment as it is sure to reap benefits for you! With the professional aid, you are bound to learn –

  1. eco-driving to save fuel costs
  2. better handling and reduced wear and tear
  3. ways to reduce accidents and other unwanted costs as a consequence

Driving without the correct license of the correct license category is a punishable offence, leading to penalty. So remember, “Prevention is better than cure”!