Can I get a job once I get my qualification?

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GP Training understands that customers’ aims are to find a suitable LGV (HGV) job once they are qualified. We are currently investigating options to offer job assistance programmes and will publish them shortly; please keep in touch but in the meantime, we would advice you to liaise with your local transport and logistics agencies that would be able to assist your search. Having conducted our own review; we are pleased to say that there are vacancies for driver for freight and public transport. So do be encouraged to make that change!

Today’s economic times are very turbulent. There is intense competition in every sector and this has made it difficult to secure a job according to one’s qualifications. No matter what education a person has done, it has become very difficult to get a good job on one’s merit. Plenty of contacts and a healthy network in the industry of your interest are the only things that can help you bag a job in a company of your choice.

Driver training institute

If you are willing to take up driving as a career option, then you could consider GP Training as the place to train from. It offers different kinds of training courses, such as those for driving heavy goods vehicles or passenger carrying vehicles, or refresher training and periodic training courses. The courses, apart from being designed in a flexible manner, are excellent in terms of their content. Also, the instructors imparting the training are extremely qualified professionals and are experienced in their own fields.

When you complete your training in driving from GP Training, you are assured of an excellent qualification and skill acquisition, but not a job. It is quite obvious for students to expect a job suited for their qualifications after they have completed the course. But GP Training currently does not offer the same, though the proposal of offering job assistance programmes is still under consideration and will soon come to a decision.

What to do after completion of training?

However, till the time this doesn’t happen, students have to rely on their own sources in the industry. If you have contacts in the transport and logistics companies that could help you get a job after the completion of your course, you are more than welcome to do so. During the course of your training, try building up contacts directly in companies or through agencies which could help you get placed in a job of your choice.

From what position the industry is in, one can safely say that there is a huge requirement of trained and qualified drivers in the transport sector, implying that one should not lose hope of securing a satisfying job.