Can I have the free assessment period as part of a lesson?

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GP Training would prefer you to take advantage of a free assessment, as it gives you the opportunity to choose before you sign up with a training school. However, if you wish we would give an extra 30 minutes free training with two hours driver training period. As GP Training works on a hourly basis, you would clearly know when and where you have had your free training.

When you think of enrolling for a drivers’ training course, the first name that comes to mind is GP Training. It is one of the best training schools in the city and provides high quality training to aspiring driving professionals. It has some of the best instructors, with an experience of over a decade in the field of driving. The course structure is also flexible just so that the students can learn at their convenience, maintaining a balance between work and family as well.

GP Training offers a variety of driver training courses, such as heavy goods vehicle training, passenger carrying vehicle training, refresher training courses, periodic training courses, driver CPC training, etc. Depending on your qualifications and need, you can enroll for any course of your choice.

Free courses

A common question that arises in the minds of students willing to take admission in GP Training is that of any free training provided in the packages offered by the training school. It is highly recommended for students to compare the LGV training courses offered at different competing training schools before enrolling for a course in GP Training.

You must check the following parameters:

  • Course structure
  • Aspects of driving taught in the course
  • Flexibility of learning
  • Quality of teaching and the mediums used
  • Experience of the instructors
  • Hourly rate and test fee charged
  • Other hidden costs

Once you have compared various training institutes with GP Training on the basis of the aforesaid parameters, you will automatically find out the truth about who is providing you free training at what cost. Oftentimes, money- making driving coaching schools advertise their course structure and corresponding course fees in a way that students are fooled into believing that they are paying less and getting more free training.

GP Training is one such institute where the entire process of admission and the fees charged is made fully transparent to the students so that they are not fooled. They even get the privilege to experience a free assessment so that they can make informed decisions before joining any course with GP Training.