Do you offer free training in your packages?

Book with GP Training and benefit from a timely and efficient service.

At GP Training, we strongly advice potential customers to consider exactly what they are getting for free, especially if you have signed up with a LGV (HGV) driver training school without considering the competition. It would be advisable to question the providers to the hourly rate, the test fee and any other hidden charges, once this is explained, you can fully understand what you are getting for free. This is why GP Training offers a free assessment before you make any decisions.

Driving as a profession is in huge demand these days in the transport and distribution industry, especially across UK and Europe. The European Union has issued directives stating the criteria which every driver must fulfill to be able to become a commercial driver and drive heavy goods vehicle or passenger carrying vehicles. Hence, if you want to become a driver, you must train with a well reputed training school so that you can get a good kick- start to your career.

Why train at GP Training?

The first name that comes to mind when you hear of the best driver training school is GP Training. Such is the reputation that it has built over the years. It provides quality training to students who aspire to become excellent driving professionals and move up the career ladder faster than their counterparts from different training schools. The courses at the GP Training are flexible and you can learn at your own convenience.

The instructors are also well qualified and experienced in their respective fields, hence you can be rest assured about the superior level of knowledge you would be receiving. The variety of training courses is also commendable- large goods vehicle driving training, passenger carrying vehicle driving training, periodic training course, refresher training course, driver CPC training, etc.

Is there any free training?

A common query that most students have is that do they receive the free assessment as a part of the lesson they have enrolled for? GP Training provides potential students the privilege of going for a free assessment before enrolling for any course at the institute. This helps them to take informed decisions and be satisfied about the choice they have made.

However, if you wish, you can avail of an extra 30 minutes of training free with the 2 hours of driver training period. Since GP Training functions on an hourly rate basis, you would automatically understand where and how much free training you are receiving.

The transparency and honesty is what makes GP Training stand apart from the rest! So don’t hesitate to clear your doubts before joining GP Training.