Periodic Training Courses

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Periodic training is designed to complement theindividual driver’s work and be relevant to their every day job.Courses may include SAFED (Safe and FuelEfficient Driving) style training, defensive driving techniques, first aid,health and safety, drivers’ hour’s regulations and tachographs.Courses will also enable drivers to keep upto date with changing regulations.Thesyllabus broadly covers:

  • Safe and fuel efficient driving
  • Legal requirements
  • Health and Safety, service and logistics

As per the Directive issued by the European Union, any person who wishes to become a driving professional for Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs) or Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCVs) must be formally trained, only after which he can receive the license to drive these vehicles. The training period is for 35 hours mandatorily, which has to be completed within a fixed five-year period starting from the date when the person obtains his LGV or PCV license. Not only this, the training should continue thereafter at regular intervals of five years.

Periodic Training Courses by GP Training

GP Training specializes in providing training courses for driving professionals- whether experienced or amateurs. A periodic training course in driving is appropriate for drivers who have been into the business for quite some time now, and require upgrading themselves with the latest developments in automobile technology. The periodic training course offered by GP Training covers aspects like:

  • SAFED style training- Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving
  • Legal requirements- Drivers’ hours regulations, tachograph, etc
  • Health, safety, service and logistics- Defensive driving techniques, first aid, etc.

Benefits of the periodic training course

You may wonder- a special periodic training course for drivers seem a bit too much. But on the contrary, it is important to have trained drivers behind the wheels, especially when it comes to the safety of numerous passengers who depend on public transport vehicles to travel between places. A formal training in driving will equip a person better to face the challenges that arise while driving.

With every passing day, new rules and regulations regarding road travel, passenger safety, public vehicle maintenance, etc. are formed and every driver must be aware of the new legislations being implemented. Also, technological developments continue to spread their magic in the automobile industry of which drivers should be fully knowledgeable. Not only this, a well-informed driver is likely to get better job opportunities since he comes across as a more trusted and responsible professional for his employers.

Hence, a periodic training course for drivers CPC becomes necessary just so that they are kept updated with the changing regulations and developments.