Driver CPC

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There are four modules to give the customer flexibility to obtain your vocational licence only or to gain the Driver CPC at the same time.

Module 1 – Multiple Choice questions and Hazard Perceptionclips – Theory Test

Module2 – Case Studies

Module3 – Practical Test

Module4 – Driver CPC Practical Test

Many of us drive vehicles like motorbikes or cars for fun, and to experience the feeling of sitting behind the wheels. But when you actually begin to drive passenger carrying vehicles or heavy goods vehicles, you realize what serious business it is. You cannot fool around or drive for fun when you are entrusted with the safety of the lives of several people around you.

Legislation governing CPC training

The EU Directive 2003/59 introduced the concept of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence in 2009 across Europe and the UK. It was introduced to ensure that all drivers of public transport vehicles followed road safety rules. It is compulsory for all aspiring drivers to have compulsory 35 hours of training within a span of five years from the date of getting their respective licenses and refresher courses at five-year intervals thereafter to continue commercial driving.

How will Driver CPC benefit you?

There are four modules in the training course to allow students to exercise flexibility in order to obtain their driving license-

  1. Module 1- Multiple choice questions theory test
  2. Module 2- Case studies
  3. Module 3- Practice Test
  4. Module 4- Driver CPC Practical Test

The benefits of this course are:

  • Legal implications- The rule of compulsory CPC training for commercial drivers has been formed because several road accidents occur due to lack of skilled drivers. A formal training in driving will help you acquire excellent driving skills. With increased emphasis on people safety, it is only reasonable to be strict about the qualifications of drivers driving large trucks and buses.
  • Technological implications- Besides receiving new training, drivers should also undertake refresher CPC driving programmes on a five-yearly basis. It is not too much to ask for, considering the fact that technology changes rapidly and five years is a long time for the world to move from a lower level to a higher level of technology.
  • Career implications- As a driving professional, a certificate in driving will help you get job varied opportunities not only in your country, but also in other countries. The course is particularly helpful for migrants who wish to drive for a living.