LGV Training London

Get LGV/HGV C1 Driving Licence For Large Vans/Trucks up to 7.5tonnes To Become A Specialist Driver.

We provide various kinds of driver training services, LGV/HGV driver training and C1 Licence.

Since January 1997 onwards, there has been a revision in which to pass a UK car test or exchange a foreign licence to a UK licence, a person should have a category B licence to drive vans and cars utmost to 3.5 tonnes.

Drivers who have attained the age of 18 can wish to drive bigger vehicles for different purposes like ambulance driver, delivery driver or for driving a pleasure or recreational vehicle. By obtaining LGV C1 a person can drive up to 7.5 tonnes and if that person wants to tow a trailer C1+E, then the separate training is also provided for that purpose.

Specially selected LGV C1 vehicles that we provide here are ideal for training purposes which can meet all DSA requirements, and are available in Wembley, Greenwich and Park Royal:

  • Facilities of hydraulic brakes and other features of simple car like gears and controls.
  • Amenities of compact dimensions so there should be no difficulty in manoeuvring and negotiating driving hazards.
  • One can definitely save time and money by learning quickly.
  • Provision of FREE Air brakes familiarisation course for C1 Truck Driver Training Course Clients for anyone intending to drive a full size 7.5 tonne vehicle. Course on ambulance are not provided here.
  • Important point to remember – A person can skip the C1 licence and opt for LGV C to drive up to 32 tonne vehicles if the person is contented to take a few more training hours to learn on the bigger vehicles.
  • Q1-Do you want to apply for your Provisional LGV licence?

    Ans-It is very simple just click for our guidance notes on process to apply and request an application form

    Q2-Do you need help to pass your theory tests?

    A-At our training centre we supply DVDs, CR-Roms, DSA books, and On-Line Learning. LGV Theory Test Help manual of our centre can also be used as a referral.

    Q3-Are you ready to Start Driver Training?

    A-Once the person gets the Provisional and have passed the theory tests he is ready to start an intensive course of training, or single lessons to suit him for daytime, evening or weekends.

    Q4- How much training does a person needs? How much cost will he bear?

    A-Our recommendation for a DRIVING ASSESSMENT lasts approximately one hour, when an instructor can judge your driving skills and applicable driving experience and advice on the training you'll need to pass, and then you can be quoted by us. One should never forget to ask about the PASS PROTECTION provided by us.

    Q5-Do you want to pursue career as a C1 delivery driver?

    Ans- A person interested to become a delivery driver needs to appear for Driver CPC tests - Case Study Theory Test (Module 2) and Practical Demonstration Test (Module 4). We provide complete help in this matter.

    The Driver CPC theory test can be arranged on the same day though many clients prefer to arrange this test later. Ambulance/Paramedic drivers are not liable for Driver CPC because they have a Blue Light Training.

    The next step for an interested person is to arrange an Assessment Lesson, give us a phone call or fill up the booking form on the Contact Us Page.

    We hope you acknowledge us as a specialised driver training centre and allow us straight away to validate your booking.

    So………….if you’re still unsure if you are making the right choice in your LGV (HGV) training provider – call us on 020 8819 0000 and book a free assessment right now – you won’t be disappointed.