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Driving is an art which has to be learned with proper assistance and care. We all see that while everyone is in a rush, for that he needs rash driving on his vehicle but if you are not a perfect driver then he or she should first learn how to drive properly and with care. There are certain companies which can provide you with the best training like B+E car and trailer training at a very cost effective price in Angel, London. One such trusted name is GP Training. We have the best professionals who can provide you with the best training and can also provide you with the best assistance so that you could learn easily and effectively. The professionals are ready to assist you in your own native language. They are multi-language speaking persons guiding the trainee in their easily understanding language.

We at GP Training schools follow various steps to teach the learners the training required to be a perfect trained driver.

GP Training provides training for all type of vehicles

Vehicles that need mandatory training before use include Large Goods Training (LGV) like trucks, Lorries etc. which are used to transport goods from one place to another. Proper and right guidance is required before driving heavy vehicles for the safety of the driver and others on road. To drive heavy vehicles in tight traffic area is impossible without proper training.

PCV Training (Passenger Carrying Vehicle)

The drivers of these vehicles too need the proper training of driving as they have the big responsibility of safety of the passengers travelling in their vehicle. Driver certificate professional competence (CPC) training is the training given to the drivers of trucks, Lorries, Coaches, etc. Bus, coaches and lorry drivers are required to hold the driver CPC license. CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence): This is the final step that makes you eligible for being the holder of driving license. The reason behind this certificate is to make sure that only high skilled can drive heavy- duty vehicles. To get the CPC license you have to go through the theory and practical tests. People who are not skilled suffer more from traffic road accidents.

Qualifications and licences

The drivers must renew their CPC qualification in every five years. C1-License is the license that gives permit to a person to drive medium sized vehicles that come under C1 category. The minimum age to be the holder of this license is 21 years.

  • C1+E - license: This is the permit given to Lorry drivers and limiting the usage to private use only. The drivers of this category have to go through a special proficiency course to get the license.
  • C1+e 7.5t and trailer training is the training given to the learner to drive the trail weighing to 4.5tonnes with a maximum trail weight of 12 tons.
  • C up to 32 tons training provides the guidance to drive the vehicle weighing 32 tons.
  • C+E truck and trailer Training trains the driver to drive vehicles weighing from 3500 to 7500 including with an extra trailer weight of 750 kg.
  • C1+E – 7.5t and trailer: This license is for driving vehicles weighing more than 750 kg.
  • Pass Protection is a process through which a trainee is guaranteed success in clearing the tests and exams conducted to obtain a legal license. It is a formal commitment made by the training institutions to the trainees which allows them to take retests or refunds.D1 Minibus: As the name suggests it is the training given to a person learning to drive a minibus.

    D1+E Minibus and Trailer: As according to its name it is the license given to the combination of a minibus driver as well as trailer driver. It gives permit to the driver to drive the minibus containing of 21 people combined with a trailer up to the weight of 750kg. D Automatic Bus refers to the driving of an automatic bus that is modern buses which are easy to handle containing various modern features. D Manual coaches cite to the driving of heavy loaded vehicles like double-decker buses. A person who can drive such vehicle is considered a skilled driver. D+E Coach and Trailer: It is a permit to drive the vehicle that can carry more than 8 passengers.

    PVC Pass Protection: As the name suggests it is the formal guarantee given to the trainee for retests or refund of your money in the case you fail in driving test.CPC Driver Training: It is a compulsory training required for all drivers. Driver CPC Module 4 and 2: Initially driver module is divided in 4 modules 2 and 4 are associated with driving tests. Module 4 contains of practical exam whereas module 2 contains of theory exam.Driver CPC Training was introduced by the government for safety; it is a periodic training done every 5 years for legal sustaining license. CPC Theory Test or Certificate of Professional Competence is a written examination test conducted to test the knowledge of the aspiring drivers. In this examination 50 questions are asked based on various road safety rules, alertness, accidents, vehicle maintenance and documents of vehicle. Such test derives the both theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidates applying to be drivers.

    Our motto at GP Training is to help a person become a better and competent driver. If you are the one who is looking to become a perfect driver then by choose these respective training steps you could become a perfect driver easily and effectively. As already mentioned to become a driver one need to be fully trained by a professional and then only you can get your driving license.

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