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Driving is a very sensational and fun-filled activity. It is a necessity for some and entertainment for others. But, it is indeed one of the most enjoyable affairs. But, the problem isn’t with driving but with drivers, that often lead to life risks and unfavorable situations on the roads. People today are more interested in taking informal training, rather than getting enrolled in a proper authorized institute. This way, often one’s training and learning is left incomplete or inadequate and they either end up breaking laws or breaking bones! Because of such careless incidents, the roads have become a zone of terror for many. But, strictness on graduate driver licensing, has led people to take driving lessons, so that they may be safe from the eyes of law. GP training in Balham, London, is premiere driving training academy. We here take heed to foster brilliant driving skills within a driver, so that they emerge as responsible and accomplished drivers.

What are the chief courses offered here?

All major driving courses are offered by us, at the most cost-effective rates. We also provide guarantee for the minimum crash rates. The popular courses within our boundaries are C1+E-7.5t and trailer license, Driver CPC training along with C1 – license, LGV (HGV) training, PCV training, and C1+E-license. We work with the objective of infusing secure driving skills with the drivers, so that they may act responsively and carefully on the roads. Our instructors are competent and they forward to the drivers all the technical complexities which they should know. Thus, not only the drivers acquire self-dependence, but also higher insurance rates and fewer driving tickets. The training methods offered by us, have been designed keeping in mind the convenience of the drivers and their perspicacity. CD-ROMs, technical gadgets, in-vehicle, in-house and many more such things are used, to make the training method even more effective and interesting. Through interactive sessions, the trainers try hard to keep the interest of the drivers going.

How good is the training staff?

Our trained and highly experienced staff has a commendable approach towards helping the drivers. The major courses in which they specialize in are driver CPC module 4 and 2, CPC theory test, pass protection classes, CPC case study, PCV pass protection, driver CPC modules, driver CPC training and CPC driver training. Our instructors are all DSA certified and use effective methods of teaching to appeal to the slowest of learners. They are quite efficient and bring in a lot of professionalism in their approach. But, they also levy personalized attention to the drivers and help them see through their shortcomings. Effective and helpful driving tips are also forwarded to the drivers, so that they can know the roads and rules and regulations better. Moreover, their performances are always surveyed, so that trainers can have proper knowledge about the progress and smallest mistakes of the drivers. Accordingly feedback is also provided to them. After the sessions are over, the drivers are subjected to certain road tests. These tests have been designed safely and decide whether a candidate is capable of owning his driving license. Only, after the driver qualifies in his attempt, that he is handed his license. Thus, they emerge to be great and well-equipped drivers who have proper knowledge and experience about the critical junctures of driving. The instructors also keep check of the various changes and impositions in traffic laws and rules. With every new change, they keep on alerting the drivers, so that they are able to make smarter moves and keep themselves at a safe distance from any legal problems.

What provisions have been made for drivers of heavy vehicles?

Drivers of heavy vehicles, require taking a lot of risks and keeping check on their every move. Thus, driving these vehicles is very different from driving normal cars. There are certain courses like +E car and trailer training, C+E truck & trailer, C-up to 32 tonnes, D1+E minibus & trailer, D automatic bus, D1 minibus, D+E manual coach and trailer and D manual coach, which has been especially designed for drivers of heavy vehicles. The trainers try to improve their technicalities and driving sense. Often such drivers are caught in legal problems for breaking traffic rules and reckless or rash driving. In order to lift the bans from them and get back to driving on the roads, people come to certain authorized institutes, so that they can ascertain their skills and become excellent drivers. Moreover, enrolling in our institute can also help them to improve their past records and becoming more serious and sincere about the art of driving. Once they are able to prove their competency, they can get back their licenses.

How can people with different language backgrounds communicate?

People from every part of the world come to our driving school. Thus, we have allotted trainers who are fluent in English, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Urdu, Dari, Spanish, Farsi, Cantonese, Welsh, Turkism, Arabian, Albanian and many more.

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