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When you decide to learn driving, you need to make sure that you pick an agency that should be dedicated and trustworthy. An agency that could guide with all the detailing of the driving classes as well as with the paper works. Expertise processionals and trainers in driving would be teaching you, so that it would help you to understand and practice the basics of driving to become better drivers. The instructors are those registered under Driving Standards Agency (DSA). The agency that maintain good quality vehicles is important and we make sure that we have best vehicles and good trainers that would help you to make you good drivers and teach you driving understanding the traffic rules and regulations.

Driving is a passion for many, while some others learn out of need or have you ever thought of how it is to be an excellent driver? Or have you gazed out at those professional and wonderful drivers that you see on the road and wondered whether you too could become one among them? The solution is here now. With the expert and professional training that you receive from the GP Training at Bexley, you could turn yourself into a professional. We are more than ready to be of help and get you the best services and detailing regarding all aspects of driving, for any kind of queries. We help in delivering details like teaching plans, pass plus, Driver confidence, motorway driving lessons and so on. One needs to understand well regarding the traffic rules and regulations while driving that pertains to each country. Language is never a barrier for GP as we have trainers that could communicate well with you, based on your language from any part of the world. So whether you are from UK or from any part of the world and would love to learning driving, we are there are your service.

There are many kinds of special training programs that we offer in driving. They include:

LGV(HGV) Training - You could choose driving on the kind of vehicles that you like, which may include light good vehicle and heavy good vehicle. The LCV is the normal kind and the HGV is for only heavy load carrying needs. Since weight specifications differ there are many options to choose from like C1 – License, C1 + E – license,C1 + E- license 7.5t and trailer, C – up to 32 tones + E Truck and Trailer, B+E car and trailer training , which depends on the requirements.

PCV Training - The Passenger Carrying Vehicle training could be broadly classified into D1 Minibus, D1 + E Minibus & Trailer, D Automatic Bus, D Manual Coach, D + E Coach and Trailer etc. These kind of trainings basically depends on the number of passengers that each vehicle transports.

Driver CPC training - For any kind of professional driving for large good vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles, a professional certification like the CPC or Certificate of professional competence is necessary.

The CPC training tests has basically two modules, the CPC theory test and the CPC case study. In the theory tests it is again categorized into two sections, where one is like a multiple questionnaire set and the other testing your hazard perception, where you would have to relate to video clips that would show case road safety and traffic rules. The case study is designed to make you understand about road driving.

There has been lots of changes that has been made with the license requirements. The driver CPC training and legislations demand that even with the PCV and LGV licenses, the CPC is asked from the latest drivers. For those drivers that undergo CPC driving training, there are many tests that have to be undertaken.

There are several modules that is being introduced like town driving, late driving, rural driving, out of town driving and so on and other driver CPC modules would also be taught at the GP training center. You could avail the pass protection and PCV pass protection services, when you apply for all these modules. It would also make you fit and confident in driving on the roads.

Practical tests are harder as you need to qualify all the criteria mentioned. You need to make sure that while you drive the car, you adhere to all the traffic rules. In order to get an approval, you need to visit an optician for eye test to make sure it is fine and this test is mandatory. For all the other related paper works, GP training is the one stop solution and we make sure that we get all the paper works done for you without any troubles. We help also in filling up Medical Form (D4) and Provisional Entitlement Form (D2) i.e. Driver CPC Module 4 and 2 which would then be submitted to the DVLA.

The GP training center is the best place to learning your driving and get yourself to be a well-trained and professional driver.

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