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GP training in Bexleyheath, London offer training programs like PCV training, driver CPC training, and LGV (HGV) training

Earn more, save more and fulfill the dream of driving your own vehicle. If you are looking for a free driver train yourself at GP training, Bexleyheath, London. Here at GP training we believe in perfection. Our only aim strikes at tailoring you into a confident and reliable driver. And make you perfect to qualify for all the driving tests which are essential to earn a driving licence. Your vehicle should be legal and safe for driving on road, you should know when and what kind of vehicle you can choose to drive according to your age. GP Training alters you to become independent of facing adverse road conditions. We will train you thoroughly about rules, regulations and safety measures an individual must know. We provide programs to firm your driving skills , in which classroom studies are held with provision of theory books. Language barrier is no problem as we offer the training courses in several languages like English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Kashmiri and many more. If needed, help will be provided in related matters. You are eligible to choose your kind of vehicle according to your age.

We believe in perfection and high standard therefore we provide experienced, expert ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) registered under DSA (Driving Standards Agency) to provide you with excellence and make knowledgeable about the basic techniques of perfect driving. Proper care of your safety will be taken by the experienced instructors in teaching you to drive precisely and safely. Keeping in mind all the safety measures, while training on road, GP Training provides high quality vehicle which is equipped with dual control system, in case of any mishap the instructor takes control of the vehicle to avoid any disaster.

At GP training, Bexleyheath, London the major driver’s training programme comprises of three categories meant for particular type of vehicle-

LGV/HGV Training: This category is for the people who want to drive vehicles used for carrying goods i.e. LGV (Large Goods Vehicle)/HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle). According to the weight of the goods there are options like (C, C1, C+E and C1+E, B+E ) . C and C1 are for trucks weighing up to 32 tonne and 7.5 tonne respectively, E stands for trailer and B stands for car.

PCV Training: PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) is categorised according to the passenger capacity of the vehicle. It includes (D, D1, D+E, and D1+E).

D – Automatic bus, D1 – Mini bus with manual operation.

Driver CPC Training: LGV and PCV drivers require an additional CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) for professional driving.

Newly appointed drivers driving LGV/PCV require a CPC certificate in addition to their LGV/PCV licence according to the new standards set by the Driver CPC legislation. It also requires a periodic training of 35 hours, every 5 years. In order to obtain a CPC one has to go through the tests set by the CPC. There are theory and practical tests. The theory test is divided into two parts: 1st part consists of MCQs (multiple choice questions) and the 2nd part is visual. In this part you are shown video clips to which you have to respond as this part of the test assess your hazard perception. There are CPC case studies for evaluating your knowledge about traffic rules and driving. In practical test you demonstrate your driving skills by actually driving the vehicle. An Eye Sight check is most important for CPC’s approval. At GP training we take care of all the hassles regarding paper work. Complete assistance, while filling Provisional Entitlement Form (D2), Medical Form (D4) and sending them to DVLA, is provided. Our website provides you with driving assessment questionnaire to help you in knowing one’s driving potential. We offer specialized driver CPC modules introduced by DSA which includes all-weather driving, night driving, rural driving, dual carriageways, town driving and out of town driving. Drivers enrolled in these modules eventually gain more confidence and learn about latest rules and laws. By getting enrolled in these modules you can get an insurance policy for your vehicle. GP training also provides pass protection services availing to which you will be allowed to re-attempt the tests in which you failed and that too free of cost. Refund is available in case you are not approved for the category you selected. GP Training is one stop where you get all the benefits and those too hassle free. The benefits start from applying for provisional driving licence to getting licensed for driving the vehicle. GP Training trains you for the worst road conditions by providing the best instructors. For any information or assistance, about the laws applicable to learner driver, feel free to contact GP Training in Bexleyheath, London.

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