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Quality training programs for LGV/HGV, PCV, and Driver CPC training at GP Training, Camden Town, London

Driving is not child’s play. Be it any kind of vehicle, people needs to take driving lessons in order to incorporate the art in the most perfect manner. This is why, drivers are provided with government licenses, before they can start using their vehicles. But, acquiring that license is tough job, and not everybody can possess it. Many people try to take informal training, but they are not completely effective. So, proper integrated training is required to be taken by drivers, before they can step out with a vehicle. In order to avoid any mishaps on the roads, many new driving schools have come up. One such is the GP Training, situated in Camden Town, London. Our institute has fostered the growth of better standards in driving among the new-age drivers. Thus, many successful drivers have been able to successfully qualify from our institute.

What courses are offered and why?

The chief courses offered here are C1+E-license, PCV training, Driver CPC training along with C1 – license, C1+E-7.5t and trailer license and LGV(HGV) training. These training courses have been specially designed, keeping in mind the need of the hour. The drivers and trainees can get to know about their areas of difficulty, and work on them under the surveillance of expert trainers. The courses are also quite cost-effective and are focused on improving the efficiency of the drivers, when they hit the streets. After the completion of these courses, the drivers are made to take certain road tests which fall under the jurisdiction. Only after the successful qualification of these tests, can one hope to acquire license to begin his driving career.

Certain other courses in the likes of driver CPC modules, driver CPC module 4 and 2, driver CPC training, PCV pass protection and CPC driver training are also presented before the prospective applicants. They have generally being designed for heavy vehicle drivers or owners. Those drivers, who have to score the roads on trucks and buses, need to have special training, which is quite different from the regular car training. The drivers, who undergo these training sessions, are able to secure greater confidence and assert control on the various mechanisms of driving.

Efficiency of the trainers

The trainers who are hired by us to impart high-efficiency courses like D manual coach, B+E car and trailer training, D automatic bus and D+E manual coach and trailer, are experts in their fields and try to help out the drivers with various cases. These trainers are all certified through DSA and are highly competent. They are well-manned and extremely helpful. Always catering to the problems of the drivers, they maintain a courteous demeanor. While constantly surveying the performances and approaches of the drivers, they also give out certain driving tips, to keep oneself at the safe end while driving. They are also better educated and better informed about the chances occurring in traffic rules and transport systems. Accordingly, they customize the courses and formats. Thus, the drivers always remain alert about the rules and regulations, enforced by the government. We offer thorough guidance through the CPC theory test, pass protection classes and CPC case study. Therefore, candidates come into a better position to accept challenges on the roads, and safely maneuver past them. The various technicalities and important information provided to them during the training, help to strengthen their basics in driving.

How has this institute being able to maintain its reputation?

Our institute has gained the reputation of offering the finest training courses. Every year thousands of professionals pass out of this institute with greater knowledge and efficiency in driving. The innovative techniques and methods used to impart the lessons make it all the more effective. Courses are offered through in-house and in-vehicle medium, so that drivers have complete scope to express their convenience. Also, CD-ROMs and other technical equipments are used to make the experience better and completely worthwhile. D1 minibus, C+E truck & trailer, C-up to 32 tonnes and D1+E minibus & trailer are the very popular courses which have generated many successful and promising drivers. Certain drivers, who suffer due to the infliction of ban on their licenses, can also apply for courses in our institute. Their careless and adamant driving skills are traded for intelligent and safe skills, so that they can qualify in the road tests and gain back their former reputation. Many such drivers have been able to lift the bans from their licenses and emerge as safe and confident on the busy roads of high traffic. The best part of our training center is that it attracts drivers with diversity in languages. Language like Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Spanish, Bengali, English, Welsh, Cantonese, Albanian, Kashmiri, Dari, Farsi, Turkism, Tamil and many other languages are used as a medium of training. Thus, people from all language areas can opt for our courses without any hassles.

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