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Having a vehicle now a days is not a tough task for any person. There are several resources through which a person can buy a vehicle; there are banks, financial institution and many other agencies which provide loan for our vehicle. Having a vehicle now a day is not only desire but become a need for every person. Every year globalisation is expanding, life of a person becoming fast so this makes vehicle as an important aspect of our life. But having a vehicle will not leads to satisfaction of need we must also know how to drive that particular vehicle. GP Training at in Camden, London assists you how to drive a vehicle, safety measure which must be taken during driving, and rules which we must follow during driving. So a person could become a safe driver, who can manage to drive in any conditions.

Based in Camden (London), GP Training focuses in driver’s training programs. They provide trainings in following categories:

  • Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Training or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Training is the training given to the seekers to drive heavy vehicles like trucks, Lorries; etc. These large vehicles are used to transfer goods from one place to another. These drivers are taught to drive safely on the traffic driven roads. We also provide B+E car and trailer training.
  • Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) Training is the training required to drive the vehicles carrying the passengers from one place to another. These include buses, vans, etc. Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training refers to the training which is required by the drivers of the buses, loaders, etc.
  • C1-License Training is the training guiding the driver to attain a license that allows him to drive a medium sized vehicle on public roads of an area. The age of the holder of this license should be 21 years.
  • C1 + E 7.5t and trailer Training license is being given to the persons willing to drive the vehicles having the weight of 7.5 trailers.
  • C up to 32 tonnes Training is the training being provided to the driver that gives him the guidance to drive any rigid lorry weighing up to 32tonnes.
  • C+E Truck and Trailer Training is the training given to the drivers to drive the Lorries weighing 42 tons of trailers permitting the driver to either use Articulated or Drawbar combinations.
  • Pass Protection is the assurance given by the coach of the institutions to the trainees to guide them in every way possible so that they are able to clear the driving tests.
  • D1 Minibus Training teaches the seeking learner how to drive a minibus.
  • D1+E and Trailer Training are the training that allows a person to drive the trailer with 21 passengers but not weighing above 750 kg.
  • D Automatic Bus Training is the training that teaches the driver to drive a newly featured bus with the facilities of wheel chair for differently abled passengers.
  • D Manual coaches Training is the guidance assisting the driver to the drive the vehicles like single or double-decker buses. The drive the vehicles like single or double-decker buses.
  • D+E Manual Coach and trailer training license is a license that guides the learner to drive a vehicle carrying an accommodation of 8 passengers.

  • PCV Pass Protection literally means the guarantee of clearing the PCV Driving test. Such a protection gives the learner a money back guaranty if they fail to clear their tests. CPC Driver Training is the training of the driver for driving the Large Goods les. It is a compulsory license for the drivers of such Heavy Goods Vehicle. Initially, the Driver Modules are being divided in to 4 modules. Module 1 & 3 is related to the testing of LGV Training Test. On the other hand, Module 2 & 4 is related to the driving tests being compulsory to clear in order to attain a Driving License. Module 2 is a theory examination test asking the general driving questions. On the contrary, module 4 is concerned with the practical driving knowledge examination test of the candidate. Driver CPC Training was introduced by the European Unions in order to improve the standards of the road safety measures. CPC Theory Test is 50 questions based multiple choice test including questions related to the general driving knowledge of the driver.

    It is necessary for everyone to get licenced from the government, which make a person eligible officially to drive a vehicle. Education and training might proves to be able to reduce the risk on the road. A prevalent response to address the complexities inherited in driving’s ensure the skills which proves that a person is capable to drive before providing a licence he questions are asked on the alertness, attitude, traffic rules, etc.

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