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Learning driving and making a living out of it is not an easy task though it may sound to be simple. It requires had work and commitment. Driving is sure to gift you a memorable time in life and help you in earning some quick bucks if you have the mettle to prove you are a good driver. If you are looking for a good place to learn the basics of driving, then look no further! At GP Training at crystal palace, London we promise to offer you comprehensive driving lessons taught by experts, who are DSA checked and tested instructors.

Apart from regular driver teaching Lessons, we also impart Driver Confidence , PDI and ADI franchises, full driving instructor training, Pass Plus, , B+E Training, and not to mention the Motorway Driving Lessons also along with. Those interested in appearing for tests in various languages and are worried about the language barrier; chuck away all your worries. We promise our clients that with us, they will be lucky to get language specific textbooks or even attend classroom studies so that they can appear for test in various languages. The first thing you need to know is that it is mandatory that you follow the road rules and regulations which is of utmost significance in ensuring people’s safety be it in any area or city. Before rushing to hit roads, just make sure the vehicle you are driving is safe and is abiding legal issues. GP Training has spread its wings to different areas like Berkshire, Maidenhead, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, London, and also Slough in offering its functional services. People residing in these areas can simply dial our number and we will offer you services at your doorstep. An instructor will be made available according to your convenience!

When it comes to a serious matter like driving license issuance, it is compulsory that you opt for a well-established agency for assisting you. GP Training employs only trained ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) who are only registered with DSA (Driving Standards Agency). Here, we make it certain that the client gets the best driving instructors and experience the finest driving experience in the country. We take pride in our instructors who have thorough experience and knowledge and are absolutely experts in teaching you how to drive safely and rightly. We also brag of a completely new fleet of cars in perfect conditions so that you no longer have to learn driving in old vehicles. Thus we guarantee you a fabulous and amazing driving experience! In case you worry that you would crash the learning vehicle while practicing, you do not have to worry. For ensuring you a pleasant and safest driving experience, we have vehicles that are equipped with dual controls where the driving instructors have control over the vehicle so that any unfortunate mistakes and accidents are avoided.

GP Training crystal palace, London offers a set of great driving programs that are categorized into the following; For further information on driving you can log on to the website and get in touch with us or contact us directly if you have any queries.

LGV (HGV) training

The clients can choose from the options of Heavy Goods Vehicle and Large Goods Vehicle driver training program. But it should be prior noted that it is only for heavy load carriage needs. You can choose from alternatives like C1 + E – license, C1 – License, C – up to 32 tones, C + E Truck and Trailer, B+E car and trailer, C1 + E- license 7.5t and trailer training. Depending on the requirements and weight provisions the choice varies.

PCV training

PCV ( Passenger Carrying Vehicle) version of training can be broadly categorized into different types such as D Automatic Bus, D1 Minibus, D1 + E Minibus & Trailer, D + E Coach and Trailer, D Manual Coach or manual means of transportation etc. based on the people carrying capacity of the transport vehicle, a choice can be made.

Driver CPC training

For a driver, obtaining an additional CPC also known as Certificate of Professional Competence for LGV and PCV drivers is nothing but strictly compulsory. CPC certification is definitely a must for drivers of today. It is necessary for all new drivers to have CPC, in addition to LGV licenses and PCV licenses as per the driving rules and legislations and driver CPC training. Thirty five years of training is made a mandate for a period of every 5 years. For those who requires CPC driver training many rounds of tests are conducted.

For convenience purposes, the CPC theory test is divided into specific parts. A theory based 1st test and 2nd test that mainly comprises of practical. Further, the theory part is divided into 2 types where you will have to attempt multiple option questions. Also, there will be an assessment for your hazard perception which needs to be answered after carefully watching video clips related to traffic rules and road safety. For a thorough analysis of the learners expertise in driving and traffic rules, a CPC case study is also designed.

When it comes to practical tests, several parameters are tested and imparted. A real on road demonstration of riding the vehicle or car is required so as to prove you have acquired all the rules and regulations that are required for safety driving. For this, an eye test is mandatory at the outset and also authentication regarding your vision by an approved optician is necessary.

GP Training takes care of all the rest of formalities and documents needed for driving learning license. Please remain rest assured that GP Training will serve you the best services and eliminate all your problems with regards to the paper work. We at GP training will help you in completing the Medical Form and Provisional Entitlement Form (D4 and D2 respectively i.e. Driver CPC Module 4 and 2) and also forward it to the DVLA after completion of these forms.

At GP Training crystal palace, London you can also avail the driver CPC modules which is specially designed and introduced by DSA for the new drivers. A few other topics comprised in the other modules are out all-weather driving, night driving, town driving, dual carriageways, rural driving and out of town driving. By gaining expertise in all these modules, you will imbibe great confidence in your current driving abilities and at the same time, will also master all the new rules and laws of the driving setup. And wait, it is not just that! You will also stand to get the pass protection and also PCV pass protection services too! In case you have fears that you won’t pass, worry not. When you apply for the above, you will get chances for re-appearing in the tests. As GP training has got a wonderful refunding option, you can also be assured you will not lose your money.

GP Training crystal palace, London is just the right place for you to make a start in a driving life. Wait no more! Come to our GP Training facility, start learning how to drive and to attain provisional driving license all in a jiffy!

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