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Quality training or programs for LGV/HGV, PCV, and Driver CPC training at GP Training, Golders Green, London

Both the terms risk and pleasure are associated with driving. It can be a pleasure, only if one is sure of is driving skills. But, if his skills are not adequate, driving can turn out be a life risk, not only for him but for all those innocent souls on the roads. Therefore, drivers must be very serious about taking driving lessons, so that he does not find himself behind the bars, or at the hospital! There are thousands of driving schools worldwide, but it is often difficult to go for the correct one. People, should always choose to go for licensed and authorized driving schools, which can secure their driving skills and make good drivers out of them. GP training in Golders Green, London, offers varieties of courses to help professional and non-professional drivers, to set their foot right. With the knowledge and practical sense acquired through our institute, drivers can feel more secured to be out on the roads explore their technical skills.

The instructors who are hired in this institute are all affiliated and licensed. They are confident of their knowledge and technical skills, and impart the same to the drivers. Only DSA approved trainers are hired by us. The trainers try to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the drivers and refer them for special training classes. The important courses include driver CPC module 4 and 2, PCV pass protection, driver CPC training, CPC driver training and driver CPC modules. Both light and heavy vehicle drivers are welcomes here. The heavy vehicle drivers are those who drive buses, trucks and other vehicles. Special attention is given towards these drivers, so that they are able to clearly mention their problem areas. After undergoing special programs and rigorous training classes, these drivers gain the control and composure to drive these vehicles on difficult roads. The trainers are quite informal in their approach and provide ground for every person to come up with their doubts. They monitor the performances and keep check on the improvements of the drivers. The drivers, who go through these training sessions, have been able to develop great technical knowledge, which has further enabled them to acquire higher rates on insurance. Their driving tickets have also lessened considerably.

The courses are highly cost-effective

Authorized training programs like C1+E-7.5t and trailer license, driver CPC training along with C1 – license, LGV(HGV) training, C1+E-license and PCV training are the most attractive part of our institute. They are hundreds of takers and they have all being benefitted. The course fees have been kept quite low, so that drivers from any financial background can apply here. The designing of these programs have been done by expert trainers, and so minimum crash rates have been observed in their cases. The road tests that all drivers are made to clear, after their training is over, is very crucial for earning the license. They are the minimum standards that are expected out of a driver.

Advanced and beneficial courses

The courses are advanced and they have been formulated according to the needs of the current time. D+E manual coach and trailer, B+E car and trailer, D automatic bus, D manual coach are a few programs which are the most in demand. Unlike most training schools, our courses have been designed to improve the technical and practical sense and knowledge of the drivers. The security of the skills and their safe implementation is the main concern of the drivers. Thus, candidates who are caught into legal scrapes due to the violation of traffic rules can apply for some of these courses in order to permanently remove the charges from them. Those drivers, who have been banned from driving due to recklessness and inefficiency, can enroll in these courses to strength their skills and knowledge of dealing in big city roads. When they acquire the clean chit from these training authorities, only then can they get back their licenses from the government. The training method is made quite interesting an engaging by the use of CD-ROMs and in-house presentations. This also increases the awareness among the drivers. Our instructors try to keep the drivers informed about the changes enforced in the traffic laws and regulations, accordingly.

CPC theory test, CPC case study and pass protection classes, are also an important part of the training schedules. C-up to 32 tonnes, D1+E minibus & trailer, C+E truck & trailer and D1 minibus is the specialized courses for heavy vehicles. Defensive traffic techniques are also taught during these courses and professionals try to be very severe in checking whether the trainees are following them. In order to eliminate language barriers, instructors who are capable of instructing in languages like Bengali, English, Arabic, Turkism, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Dari, Welsh, Kashmiri, Welsh, Punjabi, Cantonese, Albanian and many more, are employed.

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