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GP Training is run to help you in Hide Park for finding out the right Driver Training. So, to get driver training in “UK, London” for PCV, LGV, CPC and HGV CALL ON: 020 8819 0000

The best training modules in LGV, HGV, PCV and Driver CPC with best faculty at GP training, Hide Park, London

Attaining driving license in not an easy task by any means but with GP training facility in Hide Park, London, one can see of this hassle. GP training facility is not just another training centre because it offers tailor made driving courses depending on your requirements. One of the major advantages of GP training facility is that if offers the best combination of short and long term courses followed by experienced instructors who have ample experience in such activities. GP training offers both basic and advanced level training courses to the students. The basic part of the training includes C1 – License, Driver CPC training, driver CPC modulestraining. For advanced level courses, one must have category C and D licenses.

Heavy vehicles training

Class D+E Coach and Trailer, D Manual Coachand D Automatic Buscomes under heavy vehicle training. The applicant must have class C license at the time of applying to this training. Class D license gives you the freedom to operate public transport as well tourist vehicles including buses. The vehicles such as buses in class D scale are very heavy and weigh more than 3500 kilograms. However, a trailer under this category does not weigh more than 750 kilograms. The minimum age of application is 21 years and one must have class B license before applying for this training. GP training facility provides a minimum of 15 or 20 hours training every week including theoretical classes and case studies. When the trainees start making adequate progress, the instructors increase the training hours and intensify the training modules. The D+E Coach and Trailer training is even more extensive and involves numerous hours of stimulator training. Theoretical classes and case studies also hold paramount importance at GP training facility in Hide Park, London. Unlike other training schools, GP training instructors lay their emphasis on both theoretical and practical sessions so that the trainees can find themselves well versed with the course. The training for C1 + E - 7.5t and trailerlicense is also available at GP training. The minimum requirements for class C1E license are that the applicant must have class C1 license at the time of applying. This license gives you the freedom to drive Lorries or trailers which are more than 7.5 tones. The combination of various trailers might increase the weight up to 12 tones.

No nervousness at GP training

GP training is amidst one of the best training facilities in London with more than 60 highly qualified instructors. It is also amidst one of the oldest training schools, which is dedicated in teaching safe driving methods to the aspiring drivers. Guaranteed PCV Pass Protection training is only available at GP training facility in Hide Park, London. It does not matter to this training facility on what you are driving at the present, GP training devises a tailor made module and training curriculum in a such a way so that you do not feel hesitant during the training period. All the courses at GP training centre are designed in such a way so that the candidates can crack the DSA exams in the first attempt. This training facility has the most number of students who have passed the DSA test in their first attempt.

CPC training test and modules

Be it driver CPC trainingor CPC theory testwith CPC case study, GP training at Hide Park, Londonoffers the best packages for these trainings. Beginner level trainees are first given extensive training on theoretical modules including comprehensive study of driver CPC module 4 and 2. The instructorsat GP training understand the fact that at beginner’s level, it is essential that every trainee has a sound knowledge of theoretical aspects so that they can take better decisions under practical training sessions. B + E car and trailer traininginvolves rigorous sessions of practical training under the guidance of experienced instructor. One of the best things about GP training facility is that it offers all courses at one place. You do not have to go to other places in search of training. This training facility offers courses and practical training sessions on all types of Vehicles. The applicants who already hold license on category C, C1, D, D1 and C+E fall in the category of drivers whose license is valid for a period of 5 years. The drivers involved in heavy vehicles have to submit a fitness certificate after every five years. For C1 + E - 7.5tand trailer and C - up to 32 tones, the applicants must mandate with the rules as laid down by the DSA. All the instructors and trainings modules at GP training centre is approved by DSA making it one of the driving schools in London

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