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Thinking to get a license before driving you new car or looking for a B+E car and trailer training center? Come at your nearest GP Training center to get all details and proper training you will need to apply for a license in Holborn, London. During earlier days, it was easy for every person to owe a vehicle and the person who owed a vehicle was considered to have a rich background. Nowadays, it is common to see vehicle in everyone’s home. Therefore, the person who is driving and controlling the vehicle is called the vehicle driver. A driver must ensure that he drives safely at a constant speed keeping in mind all the necessary rules of driving. The driver must be acquainted with all the rules and regulations while driving.

GP training institutions prove to be a specialized branch of knowledge of driving. Such schools have professionals with them that guide the pupils in their native like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Kashmiri, English, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Dari, English, Farsi, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Welsh and many more.

Before applying for a license, you should know the type of vehicle you have and what kind of training/tests you will have to have to go through. This is where the role of professionals at GP Training comes in. Below you can find the type of license and tests we provide training for:

Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Training or Heavy Goods Vehicle(HGV)Training is the training is given to the new comers to drive heavy vehicles like trucks, Lorries, etc. These large vehicles are used to transfer the goods from one place to another. The drivers are taught how to drive safely on the roads.

Passenger Carrying Vehicle(PCV)Training is the training for carrying the persons from one place to another like buses, vans, cabs, etc.

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)is the certificate given to the driver for making him eligible of driving the vehicle.

License Types

C1-License Training is the training given to the driver so that he can attain the license that allows him to drive the medium sized vehicles on the public roads of the area. The age of the license holder varies in different areas; here it is required 21 years of age. C1-E License Training teaches the drivers to drive the heavy and large vehicles like trucks and Lorries but only for the private use which needs professional training. C1-E 7.5 Training is the training given to the drivers how to drive carrying heavy weights like 750 kg but should not exceed the weight of the vehicle. C+E Truck and Trailer Training is the training given to the drivers how to drive carrying heavy weights weighing 42 tons of trailers permitting the driver to either use Articulated or Drawbar combinations. Pass Protection is the assurance given by the trainers to the trainees to teach them in every possible way to pass the driving tests. D1 Minibus Training teaches the trainees how to drive a minibus. D1+E and Trailer Training is the training given to the drivers to drive the trailer with 21 passengers but not weighing more than 750 kg. D Manual Coach Training is the assistance given to the driver to drive single or double-decker buses. D Automatic Bus Training is the training given to the trainees to drive the newly featured bus with the facilities of wheel chair for differently abled passengers. D+E Manual Coach and TrailerTraining License is the license that guides the trainee to drive the vehicle carrying the accommodation of 8 passengers. PCV Pass Protection actually means the guarantee given to pass the PCV driving test. Such a protection gives a money back guarantee to the trainee if they fail to clear the tests.

Compulsory Training for all

CPC Driver Training is the compulsory training given to all the drivers who will carry the large goods vehicles. The Initial Driver Module can be categorized into 4 modules. Module 1 & 3 forms the part of the LGV driving test. Module 2 & 4 is related to the practical driving tests. Module 2 is the theory of examination tests. On the other hand, module 4 is the practical knowledge based on the examination. Driver CPC Training was introduced by the Unions of Europe in order to improve the standards of the road safety measures. CPC Theory Test is the written examination test that checks the driving knowledge of the candidate. The candidate is asked various multiple questions based on the road safety measures. The questions includes all the basic information to be asked from pin to plane like rules to be kept in mind while driving the vehicle, safety measures to be taken and so on. Such questions include alertness, accidents handling of the vehicle and documents related to the vehicle. The candidate is even asked the general questions based on the awareness regarding the driving rules and safety measures.

After going through all these necessary trainings at GP training center, a person qualifies to be the well trained and good driver being eligible to attain the Driving License. A person possessing a driving license holds the permission to drive on the public roads from the government of the respective country. Be careful while choosing your driving teaching school in order to get trained from the professionals here.

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