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GP Training is run to help you in Holloway for finding out the right Driver Training. So, to get driver training in “UK, London” for PCV, LGV, CPC and HGV CALL ON: 020 8819 0000

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If you are over the age of 18 years and interested in learning to drive heavy or light vehicles, then look no further. We at GP training school have years of experience in teaching students the required skills to drive different types of vehicles, as per their preferences. You can visit our Holloway, London office and interact with the customer service executive. We are sure that all your queries regarding driving and the licenses required will be promptly answered. Our services are quite different from the rest of the schools that has also been in this industry for long. We not only believe in training our students, but ensure to make them good drivers. Whatever your requirement might be, in terms of learning to drive the vehicle we will surely work towards catering them. We offer flexibility in timings and also ensure that non-English speaking students get a tutor who can speak or communicate in their language. This will ensure that the students understand the lesson properly and would grasp the lessons properly and on a timely manner. We just don’t believe in making promises, but work to surpass your expectations. This is one of the reasons, why we have been successful in this industry. Some learn the skills of driving too quickly, while others take their own time. Thus, we understand that there can be no single rule framed for teaching the lessons of driving. Our experts apprehend the understanding power of each student and work on it accordingly. We take care of your safety measures, and don’t believe in providing long hours of training. Instead, our experts provide one-on-one training to the members, which make learning and teaching quite easy.

Why do you need a certification for driving heavy vehicles?

HGV also called as large goods vehicles needs specialized skills to drive them. Only drivers who have proper license are allowed to drive it. You need to enroll yourself with one of the best schools that will teach you the skills to drive them safely and efficiently. Passenger carrying vehicles on the other hand is referred to the vehicles that are usually used for transporting passengers from one place to the other. This vehicle weights not more than 4500 kg. Some of the examples are sedan, station wagons, and others. In order to drive the vehicle of your choice, it is necessary to obtain the certificate of professional competence. It is the certificate that is issued after the successful completion of the course. After obtaining the license the drivers are eligible to drive such vehicles. Our trainers have well designed training programs for students, who have less time to learn. If you don’t have any knowledge of driving the vehicle then we will suggest you to attain the morning classes, as the traffic at this time are quite less. You can easily learn the skills to drive on different types of roads, and well understand the safety rules. Our experts will train you to get the B+E car and trailer training services that will help you drive different types of vehicles.

C1 license is a certificate that will allow the driver to drive medium sized vehicles whose weight ranges from 3500 kg to 7500kg. However you need to be over the age of 18 years to apply for this certification program. You can choose the best timings that will suit your preferences, and the training period is not more than 4 hours on the wheels. We understand that lunch and tea breaks are necessary, but don’t let them affect your training period. Our experts have designed the program, in such a way that the students will have enough time to get their doubts regarding driving cleared and implement it, while driving. The C1 E license allows the driver to drive Lorries that weighs 7.5 tons. We will teach you to drive the vehicles with trailers that may weigh up to 12 tons. However, with this certificate you can drive the vehicles only for private purposes. If you want to drive it for professional reasons then you need to get a different certificate. In C1 –E 7.5 training we teach you to drive trucks or vehicles that weighs not more than 750 kg. The trailer attached to it needs to be of the same weight. Again for applying for this certificate you need to be around 18 years of age, and have already acquired the LGV license which will allow you to drive Lorries that weighs up to 32 tons, but not more.

We are one of the institutes that provide students with the pass protection guarantee. It means everything that is required to make you an efficient driver is included in the training program. In case, you fail in any one of the tests, then we will help you to take the re-tests or get the fee amount back. We are quite confident that you will never have to do so.


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