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Driving is not so simple, as you might have comprehended it. There are various skills that need to be learned to become a successful and safe driver. You might have learned the basic driving skills from your friends or family, but that will not make you an experienced driver at all. It is quite necessary that you are aware of the rules and safety measures to learn driving safely. Also you need to develop the quick thinking capability to avert any untoward situation while driving on the road. Moreover driving cars is quite different than handling trucks, buses, and other vehicles. You need to have perfect knowledge of handling them differently, and also the licenses required for each one of them varies. It is quite essential to understand this difference, as only then you can become a good and skilful driver. You certainly need one of the best driving schools that can cater your needs, and finding one is no longer a challenge at all. We at GP training school in Islington, London have helped hundreds of students in learning the complicated skills of driving in an easy and reliable manner. Now, you might have a question in your mind, as what is so special about our services and why you can choose us? It is a valid question, and we will be glad to answer it. Unlike the other driving schools in London, our trainers know to speak different languages like English, Hindi, Kashmiri, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and many others. This helps us to communicate and teach the lessons of driving to the students in an efficient manner. We ensure to leave no stone unturned to make you an excellent driver.

Licenses required for driving different vehicles:

We also specialize in teaching the students on the B+E car and trailer training program. The large goods vehicle also called as LGV allows the certified drivers to drive trucks, articulated Lorries, transporters, tankers, and others that weigh not more than 7.5 tones. At the time of appearing the tests, the students have to answer questions related to driving. There are a set of 100 questions, of which they have to correctly answer around 85. The drivers have an option to choose the multiple choice elements questions separately or in an order as per their preferences. If you choose to answer the hazard perception tests way, then you will have to answer at least 67 questions correctly out of the 100. The difference here is that the questions are presented to you in the form of 19 clips, which you need to read and understand. PVC or the passenger carrying vehicle is a term used for motor vehicle that is basically used for the conveyance of passengers. The weight of the vehicle is not expected to be more than 4500 kg. The CPC or the Certificate of professional competence is the basic requirement that makes the person eligible for driving heavy vehicles for commercial purposes. Rules for clearing such tests are quite stringent for a simple fact that drivers have to drive heavy vehicles. You are expected to have proper understanding about the theory and other tests that will make an efficient driver. Don’t worry; you are always safe with us. Our trainers will ensure that you learn everything that is quite important to become an excellent driver. We don’t move ahead with the lessons, unless you have properly understood the previous one. You are required to renew the license once in every 5 years. C1 license allows the drivers to drive vehicles that weigh not more than 7500 kg. Some of the examples are horseboxes, delivery vehicles, ambulances, and others. In C1 –E 7.5 training program we teach the upcoming drivers to safely drive vehicles that weighs approximately 750 kg. This also includes the towing trailers; however the weight of the two shouldn’t be more than the weight of the actual vehicle. The basic rule to apply for such a certification program is that the applicant needs to be around the age of 18 years at the time of applying for the license. He should also have a LGV license that will allow him to drive lorry that weights not more than 32 tones. In C+E truck and trailer training program we allow the drivers to use a combination of Drawback or Articulated combination of vehicles with a perfect combination of 42 tones of trailers.

You can join our D1 minibus training program that will teach the drivers to drive different types of minibuses. D automatic bus certificate will help you to drive an automatic bus and all the skills required for the same will be taught to you. For heavy loaded vehicles you can learn the D Manual coaches, the training which will be provided to you by our experts. Our CPC theory tests are prepared by experts, who have taken into consideration all the requirements of the learners. Through our effective training program, you will surely be able to answer almost all the questions effectively.

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