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Driving is an important part of being in a city. The transport business is continuously booming, and the main reason behind it is that no person can deny the pleasure that driving in a car offers. With every new vehicle, coming into this market, the craze and urge for driving is increasing among people of all ages. Also a lot of people, who are already drivers, require consolidating certain areas of their knowledge which lacks control. Therefore, joining driving schools are an important part of the driving career of a driver. Taking proper lessons under trained and qualified experts would help people to improve their skills and become more responsible as a driver. One such driving school is the GP Training in Manor House, an important place in London.

Instruction provided through authorized trainers

In order to hone the skills of a driver, one needs to get hold of a proper instructor who himself has proper knowledge and can impart the same to the trainees. The instructors in our training institute are all DSA approved, and have the potential to infuse safe driving skills within the candidates. They are highly professional in their approach and take the initiative to monitor every improvement and every step of the driver. Moreover, GP training introduces new modes of training to make the training process effective and smooth. Many new modes of training and training programs are inaugurated from time to time. Home-based, in-vehicle, live interactive classes, in-class and training through CD-ROMs, are an important part of our programs which they offer according to the requirements of the drivers. Experienced and young drivers are always encouraged through CPC theory test, pass protection classes and CPC case study.

GP training, try to make the courses more interactive and effective for all types of drivers. Driving programs like Driver CPC training, LGV (HGV) training, C1+E-7.5t and trailer license, C1 – license, PVC training and C1+E-license are some of the attractive courses offered by us. The main lookout of our institute is the safety of the drivers and also of those people on the roads. The confidence and decisiveness of the drivers get enhanced due to these rigorous training schedules, which makes the drivers take road tests, before the certificate is handed to them. Therefore, the skillfulness and strong knowledge about vehicles are guaranteed to the drivers, by our trainers. Most people chose to opt for informal training, rather than getting enrolled in an institute. But, institutes like ours, offer flexibility of informal training and the security and surety of training through experts.

What are the distinct programs offered?

Training classes like the driver CPC Module 4 and 2 and driver CPC training, has been designed especially for the purpose of imparting in-depth training to heavy vehicle drivers. Driver CPC modules, PCV pass protection and CPC driver training is also offered in our institute, to help all vehicle owners master the basics of driving in the congested roads of large cities. After they qualify in these programs, they emerge as licensed and sensible drivers.

Cost effective training courses

The training courses are highly efficient, but at the same time they are also cost-effective, so that drivers from all financial backgrounds can go for them. Through training courses like D+E manual coach and trailer, B+E car and trailer training, D manual coach, and D automatic bus, the trainers teach the drivers to learn certain defensive techniques, in order tackle situations on the roads. Many more issues are also resolved through our driving programs. Cases where drivers have been banned from driving due to their recklessness or improper knowledge about vehicles are handled by our institute. Drivers like such, can take the exact lessons to strengthen their knowledge and infuse sense of responsibility in them. After taking these courses, a host of drivers have felt benefitted and therefore we have got motivated to expand our service belt. Through driving lessons like these, drivers have been able to better their track records and receive better insurance rates.

Is language a problem?

GP has developed solutions to all probable problems that drivers can face. It often happens that drivers come from various language and cultural backgrounds. Thus, taking driving lessons from instructors become very difficult, if he/she is not well-versed in that particular language. Therefore, the instructors in our institute offer these courses in various languages like Arabic, Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi, Farsi, Dari, Tamil, Kashmiri, Cantonese, Urdu, Turkism, Spanish, Welsh and Albanian. Special classes on D1 minibus, C-up to 32 tonnes, D1+E truck and trailer and C+E truck and trailer, are also included within the curriculum. The trainers always keep track of changing traffic rules, so that the drivers do not have to face any critical situations while they are out on the roads. Thus, before they qualify in the various rounds, our instructors make sure that they have proper idea and regard for the rules and regulations on the roads.

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