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Driving is a word that refers to the operating of a vehicle like bus, car, truck, etc. When it comes to driving, a person should be a safe driver as he is not the only one who is driving on a road others are also moving along with him. In this fast moving world, a vehicle has become a necessity for everyone. A person having vehicle should also know how to drive it safe and properly. Driving is not an easy task. One should be trained properly for this task of responsibility. The person should be aware of the traffic rules and various safety measures. If you are not confident about your driving skills then we at GP training school will be glad to help you. We are ranked one amongst the best driving schools that can be found in Padington, London. We provide learners with several facilities so as to help them to achieve their goal of being a driver. Our professional teachers are experienced and can teach driving vehicles swiftly. We have trainers who can speak different languages like English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Kashmiri, etc. There are various steps required to be followed to be a well-trained driver.

Different types of licenses

Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) are been used for the purpose of development and construction. It includes trucks, buses, crane, etc. These are some of the leading companies which manufactured these entire vehicles. Heavy vehicles are difficult to handle, so they required better training for that. These vehicles are used for the purpose of transportation and travelling. We provide Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) training where you can learn to drive the vehicles carrying passengers like buses, vans, etc. Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is the certificate given to the driver that makes him eligible for driving the vehicles. Our C1-License Training is properly designed to help students attain the license that will allow him to drive a medium sized vehicle on public roads of an area.

Criteria for getting the license

If you are above the age of 21 years then we can help you to get the certification. C1+ E Training provides trains the driver to drive vehicles which can be driven only for private use and not publically. C1 + E-7.5t and Trailer Training guide the seekers to drive the vehicles weighing not more than 750 kg of load. C up to 32 tons Training provides direction to the beginner to drive the vehicle weighing up to 32 tons. C+E Truck and Trailer Training is the training given to the drivers to drive the Lorries weighing 42 tons of trailers and allows the driver to either use the Articulated or Drawbar combinations. Pass Protection is the assurance given by our experts to make it sure that person can drive it in the proper way. D 1 Minibus Training guides the learner to drive a minibus with the capacity of 16 passengers. D 1 + E Minibus and Trailer Training are the training given to the students to guide them the driving of the vehicles with the passenger carrying capacity of 21 seats.

Licenses for heavy and light weight vehicles

D Automatic Bus Training is the training teaching the trainees to learn the driving of an automated bus bearing the features of a modern bus like wheel chair facility, indoor television window facility, etc. D manual coach license teaches the driver to drive any vehicle carrying passengers regardless of their number of seats. These coaches include single or double decker buses. D + e coach and trailer enhance the driving skills of a driver. For D + e coach and trailer license the candidate must have passed the process of attaining the D + E license training to drive a coach. The capacity of these coaches is of 42 passengers. D Manual Coach Training provides the assistance to the learner to drive heavy loaded vehicles like double decker buses. We also provide B+E car and trailer training to clear the test in your first attempt.

D+E Coach and Trailer Training permit you to drive the vehicles that can carry the load of more than 8 passengers. PCV pass protection is a form of securing the success of the learners in the driving test. We guarantee the success or else we will refund the amount back to you. CPC Driver Training refers to the training requisite for all drivers who drives the Large Goods Vehicles. The tests are divided systematically; Initial Driver Module is divided into 4 modules in which module 1 & 3 are a part of LGV testing while modules 2 & 4 is associated with driving tests. The theory examination is conducted module 2 whereas practical examination is conducted in module 4. In order to improve the standards Driver CPC Training was introduced by the government for safety; it is a periodic training done once in every 5 years for legal sustaining license.CPC theory study is a written examination having 50 questions based on various road safety measures to test the driving knowledge of the driver.

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