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Today with progression in different fields, owning a vehicle is a necessary factor. But only having a personal vehicle does not makes life simple, in order to drive your vehicle you must know how to drive it safe. One can become a good driver by learning from a right teacher. You can get yourself registered with us in GP Training driving school in Shephard Bush. We train people to become a responsible driver and teach them in their own preferred language like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English, Kashmiri, etc.

Safety measures should be kept in mind while driving in public. Safety comes first; method of safe driving is productively taught by us. We provide training for all types of vehicles and licenses like B+E car and trailer training, minibus, PCV etc.

Large Goods Training (LGV) is the training being provided for heavy vehicles like trucks, Lorries; etc .These heavy vehicles are used to transport goods from one place to another. Many centers provide you with this opportunity to become a skilled driver. People who are looking for jobs in driving sector should certainly register themselves with us.

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) is the vehicle that is designed to carry passengers to different places. Such vehicles are Buses, auto rickshaws etc. Their drivers are required to get a professional training from a skilled trainer after which he can acquire the license which is possible only after clearing different tests both theoretical and practical.

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is the final phase through which it is confirmed that a rookie driver or a trainee is capable for being a holder of a driving license.

C1-License is the license that gives permission to a person to drive medium sized vehicles that come under C1 category. The minimum age to be the holder of this license is 18 years.

C1-E License is the type of license that allows the holder of this license to drive Lorries which shouldn’t be used as public vehicle only private; this limits the usage. In order to acquire this license type a driver should go under a special proficiency training after which he can obtain this license.

C1-E 7.5Training is the training that gives the confidence to the driver who wants to drive such vehicles. Only vehicles weighing more than 750 kg comes under this category. The trailer should be exceeding the weight of the vehicle.

The driver should be 18 years of age and above and already is a holder of a LGV license is permitted to drive any rigid lorry weighing up to 32 tones of weight.

C+E Truck and Trailer or Lorries contains 42 tones of trailers allows driver to choose between Articulated or Drawback combinations.

Pass Protection is a formal commitment made by the training institutions to the trainees which allows them to take retests or refunds. It is process through which a trainee is guaranteed success in clearing the tests and exams conducted to obtain a legal license.

D1 Minibus driver training refers to the driver training provided to learn to drive a minibus.

D1+E and Trailer refer to the license that allows the driver to drive a combination of a minibus and a trailer weighing up to 750 kg provided that weight combined should not exceed 12,000 kg.

D Automatic Bus is the category that includes automatic buses designed and constructed for the passenger accommodation of more than 8 in addition to the driver with modern features.

D Manual coaches refer to heavy load carrying vehicles. Such vehicles are driven by skilled drivers who drive for living.

Different types of vehicles

D+E Manual Coach and trailer license is the license which allows a driver to drive a vehicle that is constructed for accommodation of more than 8 passengers including the driver. PCV Pass Protection is the process that guarantees your success in clearing the PCV Pass Protection Test. CPC Driver Training is a compulsory training required for all the drivers for driving the Large Goods Vehicles. Driver Module is divided into 4 modules. Module 1 and 3 are a part of LGV testing. On the other hand, Module 2 and 4 is related to the driving tests. Module 2 is a theory test examination whereas Module 4 is a practical knowledge based examination. Driver CPC Training is a periodic training which was introduced by the Unions of Europe so as to improve the standards and road safety measures. We will teach you all the rules, so you become an expert in doing so.

CPC Theory Test is a written examination that contains 50 multiple questions based on various road safety rules, driving rules, accident handling, situation handling, driving parts usage, maintenance etc. Such test derives both theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidates applying to be drivers.

One cannot drive without a sustaining license and you have to have a proper training in order to clear all procedures so that he can acquire the license. One can obtain his government issued legal license after they had completed the above mentioned steps. An aspiring driver should immediately register with one of these institutions. They fulfill their motto of helping a person to become a better and competent driver. So drive safely but with confidence.

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