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The Federal Government of different countries has already taken serious steps to bring down the percentage of damages caused due to road accidents. They are yet to succeed in such an attempt. The number of road accident cases has increased tremendously due to reckless driving. Many tend to ignore the traffic rules, while others are not all aware of it. If you have no properly knowledge about driving, then the traffic rules recommended not driving on a highway or heavy traffic places. Many drivers forget to make a note that speed can kill though it gives you a thrilling experience. No one would ever want to get involved in a road accident, which is quite expensive to overcome in terms of damage to the vehicle or life. Thus it is recommended to learn the skills of driving from an experienced and well reputed driving school. You might come across many in Shoreditch, London but none can match the professional services and courses offered by GP training school. We have a team of experts who are just passionate about their works and love teaching new members the art of driving different vehicles. We are quite different from the other service providers, for a simple fact that we have lots of flexible training program for our clients. Also, we don’t believe in charging hefty fee amount from students, who desire to learn the lessons of driving. Our team can speak different types of languages like Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, Kashmir, Punjabi, and many others. The whole purpose of having such a team is to help the students to learn the complicated theoretical and practical lessons in their own language. The good thing is that there are no additional fees attached for such services.

With the increase in the number of road accidents, learning the skill of save during has become a must for everyone. You can enroll with us for the B+E car and trailer training that has been prepared by trainers. We have a specially designed Large good vehicles or LGV lessons for people who want to drive heavy vehicles likes trucks, cranes, and buses. The certification will help them to get the best jobs that are available in the industry. Unlike other institutes we don’t believe in providing lengthy 8 hours programs to students. Our training programs are short for 4 hours, but it doesn’t mean that we compromise with the lessons. The modules are designed to teach you everything that is required to learn the safe driving skills and every student are given to every student. Our passenger carrying vehicle will allow you to drive passenger buses. In theoretical tests, you will be asked around 100 questions and you are expected to score at least 85 percent. Once you clear the practical driving tests, you will be eligible to drive the vehicle. The lessons are taught by our professionals who have profound knowledge in this field. Not only will they teach you the skills to drive safely, but also will address your queries. We know all your questions related to driving are genuine and needs to be answered. This will help you to become a good driver. Our experts will also help you to fill in the form that is required for clearing the tests.

We understand the importance of certificate of professional competence or the CPC. This is the final stage of the exam, where every student has to perform their best to emerge as the winner. C1 license is issue to students who are over the age of 21 years, and clear the tests successfully. If you want to drive the heavy lorries, then C1-E License is something that you can look upon. You are required to clear the proficiency tests, which is closely monitored by experts.

Heavy vehicles:

The rules and skills required driving heavy vehicles like trucks and others are quite different. C+E truck and trailer certification is issued to members who clear the test associated with it. In this you are allowed to drive lorries that can be attached to 42 tons trailers. Also it allows the driver to choose the vehicle between the Drawback or Articulated combinations. All our courses are certified under the pass protection, which is an assurance that the students will surely clear the tests, and in case they are not able to do so due to any reasons then the management of the institute will help you with the re-tests or refund the fee amount back to you. D automatic bus certification is required for people who want to drive the bus that is attached with the wheelchair or a handicapped person in it. This bus is quite modern and you need to be well aware of the rules associated with it. The driving lessons are properly divided into 4 modules of which the 1st and the 2nd one are designed for LGV testing and the other two modules are meant for driving tests.

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