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Learning driving has never been so easy, as it is now with us, The GP training school. Our licensed experts understands your driving needs and put in their best efforts to teach the safe way to drive different types of vehicle. No matter whatever your age might be, what language you speak, and your requirements are our experts will always be present to help you with your driving needs. We don’t compromise with the quality of the services, nor rush in for completing the driving courses, as both of them will not serve your purpose at all. Our training module has been exclusively drafted by experts, after considering all the challenges the students might or are expected to face, while learning to drive. For instance, an experienced driver might not need much training as compared to a novice. However we recommend you to speak to our customer service experts and let them know about your experiences in terms of driving and expectations. A perfect training module would be instantly presented to you. If you don’t have to time to visit our Southwark, London branch then you can gather the required information from our official website. Our motive is to ensure that every member who joins us has thorough knowledge about driving the chosen vehicle and could do so in a safe manner. We don’t let language to be a barrier in the learning process, and so allow our members to choose a tutor who can comfortably speak a language they are comfortable with. You will be surprised to know that we have a team of experts who can speak different languages like Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Japanese, and others.

Driving for some is a childhood dream, while for others learning it is a gateway to get the driving job they desire for. Thus it is necessary that you mention the type of course and vehicle you intend to choose and our experts will take care of the rest. The lessons for driving heavy vehicles are quite different than the light ones, so you need to be well aware of your requirement. We have training program that has been designed to cater your needs.

Driving license for driving large good vehicle:

Such vehicles are also called as HGV and allow the driver to drive vehicles that weighs approximately 7.5 tones. Some of them are rigid trucks, tankers, articulated lorries, and trailer wagons. You need to pass the theoretical and driving tests, and both of them are quite important. The theoretical tests usually consist of 100 questions, and the student is expected to clear at least 85 of them. All the questions are of multiple choices, and you are given stipulated time frame to clear the tests. In case of Passenger carrying vehicle which is also called as PVC, the driver is permitted to drive vehicle that weighs 4500 kg. It is quite necessary to obtain the certificate of professional competence certificates, which will allow you, drive heavy vehicles that are used by the road haulage operators. The rules for the tests are quiet strict and every student has to attempt them to clear it successfully. Our trainers will prepare you mentally and physically, so that you can easily clear the exam on the first attempt itself. On the day of the final tests, the drivers are asked to drive the same vehicle on which they took training. Also they are asked to move on the same path that was undertaken for training purposes. On the day of the tests, the driver is checked on various skills and every moment that they make on the road, while driving is made a note of.

Other types of licenses:

In C1 license the driver can drive medium sized vehicles whose weight ranges between 3500 kg to 7500 kg. Some of the examples of such types of vehicles are ambulances, horseboxes, and delivery vehicles. You need to be above the age of 18 years of age, so as to apply for the C1-E 7.5 training program. Here the drivers can drive vehicles that weights 750 kg, along with a tow machine whose weight shouldn’t be more than the weight of the vehicle. You can also learn from us the B+E car and trailer training program that has been exclusively prepared by experts.

We are one of the training schools in London that provide the trainees with the pass protection. As the name suggests, members are assured of clearing the exam, however in case they don’t then we help them to take the re-tests. We ensure that they get the license they want to get, without having to wait for the same much. For driving minibuses, you can apply for the D1 minibus license program that will enable them to drive various minibuses. D1+E certification is ideal for those people who want to drive that can accommodate 21 passengers. At the time of enrolling for the membership we inform the students about the time that will be required for the certification program.

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