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Vehicles have become the inseparable part of our lives. Lack of driving knowledge will compel you to use the public transport and you have to face all the inconveniences that are prominent with local method. Knowledge of all the necessities and road rules is the quality of a good and efficient driver. The driver of public transports too need to have the good driving skill as they have more responsibility on their shoulders and that is of their passengers who travel with them. We, at GP training institute have earned the fame of being one of the best schools in the Swiss Cottage, London. Our trainers guide the trainees in their native languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English, etc.

LGV is large goods vehicles and LGV drivers are also known as the HGV drivers. This is for the drivers who drive the heavy vehicles that carry goods in large quantity from one place to another or to deliver goods between the suppliers and consumers. To become a safe and confident driver, we have a test that consists of 100 questions for you. Out of these 100 questions you have to answer 85 questions to prove yourself as an efficient driver. We help you to get the certification that will allow you to drive commercial vehicles of 7.5 tonnes.

Other types of licenses:

PCV is the passenger carrying vehicle for the drivers of bus and coach. It is a special license that allows you to drive buses and minibuses. There is no time limit for the trainees to complete their training to get the license.

CPC is the certificate of professional competence. It is required for people who want to drive bus, coach, and lorry drivers. Anyone who wants to be a LGV or PCV driver must hold this license in addition to a vocational driving license. The drivers of Lorries weighing more than 3.5 tonnes or the minibuses having 9 or more seats must obtain the CPC license. The aim of this certificate is to produce better qualified drivers to improve the road safety and to reduce the road casualties. The drivers can get the CPC license by qualifying the theory and practical tests. The drivers have to complete 35 hours of periodic training in every five years to retain the CPC license. In case your CPC license expires, you have to complete 35 hours of periodic training as to regain your license. The theory test is divided in two parts. Part one theory test includes multiple choice and hazard perception test where as part two is of case studies. If you have any difficulties in understanding the process for applying for the license then we are here to help you.

Eligibility for certifications:

To get the C1 license the trainee must be of at least 18 years. This license is required to drive medium sized vehicles. For C1+E license one has to go through the special proficiency test. This license is for the Lorry drivers.C1+E – 7.5t and trailer is the license required for driving vehicles weighing more than 750 kg. The C- Up to 32 tonnes license is for the drivers who are at least 18 years old. This license permits the driver to drive the rigid lorry weighing up to 32 tones. C+E truck and trailer allows the drivers to drive the vehicles containing 42 tonnes of trailers. Pass protection is a kind of guarantee that is provided by us to the learners, which is an assurance that everything that is required to drive safely will be taught.

In case of failure the trainee is liable to apply for the retests or refunds. D1 Minibus license is the training given to a person learning to drive a minibus.D1+E Minibus and Trailer is the license that gives permit to the driver to drive the minibus containing of 21 people combined with a trailer up to the weight of 750kg. But the condition is that the combination should not exceed the weight of 12,000kg. Under the D Automatic bus comes the driving of automatic bus. D Manual Coach refers to the vehicles carrying the heavy load like double-decker buses. D+E Coach and Trailer give permit to drive the vehicle carrying more than 8 passengers.

B+E car and trailer training is needed if you use a towing combination with your car.

PVC Pass Protection is the formal guarantee given to the trainee for retests or refunds your money in the case you fail in driving test. CPC Driver Training is a compulsory training required for all drivers. Initially driver module is divided in 4 modules where 2(theory exams) and 4(practical exams) are associated with driving tests. Among the 4 Driver CPC modules the1 and 3 modules are the part of LGV test. Driver CPC Training is required for the bus; lorry and coach drivers.CPC theory study is a written examination having 50 questions based on various road safety measures to test the driving knowledge of the driver. We at GP trailing school specialise in all such training courses.

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