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In this hectic life of the world, no one has the time for any one. It has become a compulsion for everyone to be the owner of a vehicle. The holder of the vehicle should also know to drive it safely. Driving involves both mental as well as physical alertness. A vehicle driver should have the knowledge of the traffic rules and the various safety measures. Driving is not a kid’s game that the driver can in any way he wants. One should be aware of the requirements of be a safe driver. Various training institutions can be located on every nook and corner of the areas of Tower Hamlets, London. GP training institutions are associated with the driving professionals having the specialized knowledge concerning the driving guidance to be given to the seeking learners of driving. Various stages are to be fulfilled to be a good driver GP training gives the training to the seekers in their native languages like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Kashmiri, English, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Dari, English, Farsi, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Welsh and many more. We specialize in B+E car and trailer training, minibus and LGV/PCV licenses.

Vehicle types and their license categories

Large goods vehicle (LGV) or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) training is the training provided to the learner to drive heavy loaded vehicles like trucks, Lorries, etc. The driving of these heavy vehicles is a risky task and responsible work. The learner should be aware of the traffic rules to handle the vehicle during an emergency.

Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) training is the training that teaches the trainee to drive the vehicles carrying passengers like buses, vans, etc. The driver certificate professional competence (CPC) training is the training given to the drivers of trucks, Lorries, Coaches, etc. Bus, coaches and lorry drivers are required to hold the driver CPC license.

Category1 (C1) license training guides the learner to drive the normal sized vehicles varying the weight from 3500 to 7500 kg. The holder of the C1 driving license should be 21years of age and above. C1+e license training teaches the trainees to clear the driving test for the license that permits the driver to drive the vehicle weighing from 3500 to 7300 kg. C1+e 7.5t and trailer training is the training given to the learner to drive the trail weighing to 4.5tonnes with a maximum trail weight of 12 tons. C up to 32 tones training providing the guidance to drive the vehicle weighing 32 tones. C+E truck and trailer Training trains the driver to drive vehicles weighing from 3500 to 7500 including with an extra trailer weight of 750 kg. Pass protection is a process of guaranteeing the seeking learners to teach them every aspect so as to clear the driving test.D1 minibus training is given to the drivers to teach them to drive a minibus carrying 16 passengers. D1 + e minibus and trailer training is the training provided to the learner to teach him how drive the vehicle weighing more than 750 kg. D automatic bus Training teaches the driver to drive the buses possessing the modern facilities like wheel chair facility, internal door television monitor, wheel chair with the latest production models. D manual coach license teaches the driver to drive any vehicle carrying passengers regardless of their number of seats. These coaches include single or double decker buses. D + e coach and trailer enhance the driving skills of a driver. For D + e coach and trailer license the candidate must have passed the process of attaining the D + E license training to drive a coach. The capacity of these coaches is of 42 passengers. PCV pass protection is a form of securing the success of the learners in the driving test. The professionals guarantee the success of failing which the institutions assuring the refund of the fee being paid by the learners. CPC driver training is a compulsory training for all drivers of the large goods carrying vehicle. Driver modules are divided into 4 modules. Driver CPC module 4 & 2 is the module defining the various aspects of driving tests. Module 2 refers to the training theory tests which check the candidate’s knowledge about driving. It is a test containing 50 multiple choice questions regarding the various safety measures and safety rules. Module 4 is concerned with the examination concerning the practical diving knowledge of the candidate. CPC Module provides opportunities to the drivers through which they can analyze the driving related problems. It was started by the Europe Union to improve the road safety standards. CPC Theory Test is a written theory examination test enclosing the general questions regarding the various driving rules.

These steps are pre-requisites of being a good driver. One has to go through all these stages in order to be a good and safe driver. A good driver is one who drives his vehicle at a constant speed, keeping all the safety measures in mind and playing the role of a responsible driver.

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