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There are innumerable driving schools today. With the increase in the number of cars and the development of technology, driving has also become complicated. These courses have also led to the congestion of roads and accelerated rate of traffic jams, which has further proliferated the number of road accidents and mishaps. Innocent lives get sacrificed due to the incompetency and carelessness of one person, in charge of a vehicle. Also, people have started relying more on informal training, than proper training for licensed institutes. To avoid the harassment of people on roads and to infuse decent driving standards in people, GP Training in Willesden, London has come up with a variety of driving courses. Our training institute has indeed appealed to a lot of people. We believe in delivering quality stuff and taking complete care of the candidates who enroll here for enhancing their driving skills.

What are the popular courses?

There are many different types of courses that we deal in. Out instructors suggest these courses to trainees on the basis of their requirements and perspicacity. The most popularly preached courses are driver CPC module 4 and 2, driver CPC modules, CPC case study, driver CPC training, CPC theory test, pass protection classes, PCV pass protection, CPC driver training. Our main motive is to encourage the drivers and make them more confident and skillful about the various technicalities associated with driving. Both, new and experienced drivers are trained with due interest and focus. The training modes are also kept very flexible and effective. Through various methods and practices like in-house, in-vehicle, projectors and CD-ROMs, the courses are offered to the trainees. Their every grievance is attended and careful attention is levied towards building their basics. With strong driving instincts and good foundation, these drivers are able to manage in any type of roads and traffic. They learn to be more responsible, one behind the wheels. Recklessness gets traded with composure and calmness. Our main achievement lies when our trained drivers procure better insurance rates on their vehicles and free themselves from legal tensions.

Reliable trainers

The trainers appointed by us, are highly qualified and trustworthy. They are hired by our experts and are also DSA certified. They offer reliable driving standards and are highly professional with all courses. The top courses today are LGV (HGV) training, Driver CPC training along with C1 – license, C1+E-license, C1+E-7.5t and trailer license and PCV training. The trainers are very interactive and constantly monitor the progress of every driver young and old. They offer personalized care to every candidate and make sure that they are able to properly grab every lesson imparted. Important and necessary guidance and driving tips are also meted out to the trainees, so that they remain alert and vigilant on the roads. The drivers learn to be more confident of their skills and gather better understanding of traffic and transport system. This makes them responsible and careful drivers, the type which is quite rare today. The trainers also make sure that the drivers are constantly informed about the changes that occur in the traffic rules and legal affairs. Thus, they can steer clear of that path and maintain steadiness in their seats. Road tests are taken of the drivers, at the end of the training session. Only, the drivers who qualify are able to acquire licenses and also permission to drive vehicles, at their own risk. These road tests are designed within safety limits and fall under the country’s jurisdiction. There is no doubt that our drivers are the best and highly reliable.

How can heavy vehicle drivers manage?

Drivers of heavy vehicles need not worry, as GP Training as special courses reserved for them too. Driving huge vehicles like trucks and vans require taking quite a lot of risks, as their treatment is very different from those of cars. The technicalities of these vehicles are explained with proper detailing to the drivers. The popular courses in heavy vehicles include D1+E minibus & trailer, D automatic bus, D1 minibus, D+E manual coach and trailer, D manual coach, C+E truck & trailer, B+E car and trailer training and C-up to 32 tonnes. There are often certain drivers who have been banned from driving due to their inefficiency and recklessness. The licensed of these drivers are often restricted by the government. Our institute is there to help such drivers. We welcome them and ensure that they are able to develop and rational outlook towards driving. Thus, driving for them, no more stays as a risk. This confidence helps them to get back to the roads and obtain the confidence of the government, to retain their licenses.

What are the popular languages used as medium of training?

The most popular languages used for training the drivers are Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Cantonese, Farsi, Turkism, Welsh, Spanish, Dari, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Urdu, Arabian, Albanian and many more.

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