LGV PCV Provisional License Training

Looking for financial security in your career? Want relief from stress? Seeking skill developments to keep pace with the fast-moving world? Yes, driving as a profession might seem very easy-going and monotonous but in reality, it is quite challenging as a job and demanding as a skill! GP Training helps you enhance and shape your driving career the way you want it.

Points to remember

  • The very first point to be noted here is the age factor! You have to be at least 15 ½ years old for eligibility to apply for a provisional license. This is categorically for the under-18 segment.
  • The ‘provisional license’ here implies an instruction permit, which carries with it several restrictions that the adults’ license does not have.
  • This is the first step towards obtaining your LGV or PCV license.
  • A provisional entitlement in your license also allows you to carry towing vehicles or trailers to your bus, car, coach or lorry.
  • Adding a first provisional to your current license is usually free of charge.
  • The provisional license is added to your original only after you pass a series of theory and practical tests.
  • All the documents – your original identity proof, full license, provisional license application form, medical form – should be sent to the DVLA for verification and approval.

GP Training makes it easy for you

  • At GP Training, the application form and other related documents for LGV/PCV provisional license come as a Starter Pack.
  • A D2 form needs to be filled up for this application.
  • A medical form D4 is also mandatory, for which GP Training makes medical check-up arrangements convenient.
  • The necessary training is provided to you in a cost-effective way such that you pass the tests with no difficulty, be it the theory tests or the practical driving tests.
  • GP Training ensures that you get your LGV/PCV provisional license within the stipulated time of three weeks.
  • GP Training stands by your side during the cumbersome documentation process so that it does not remain a Herculean task!

Without any second thoughts, choose London-based GP Training. To know more, call 020-8819-0000!