Medical rules for all drivers

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You must tell DVLA if you have convictions relating to drivers hours, roadworthiness or loading and if applying for a minibus or bus licence any other convictions not relating to driving.

Becoming a commercial driver for passenger carrying vehicles or large goods vehicles is not an easy job. It demands long working hours, awareness about legislations and knowledge about road safety on the part of the driver. He should also be skilled enough to come up with solutions in case the vehicle needs repair or maintenance.

Why should you train in driving?

In recent times, the Government has taken strict control of who is allowed to drive heavy vehicles, and who isn’t, because of the number of road mishaps that occur every day due to various reasons, the most common of them being carelessness on the part of the driver. This is why drivers are being employed on the basis of their skill, training and knowledge.

Where to train?

If you want to take up driving as a profession, you need to be well-trained in the dynamics of driving. GP Training is one of the best training schools for those who want to master the art of driving with proper training. Once you have completed your training period and have passed the tests for driving as conducted by the instructors at the school, you can obtain your full valid license.

Procedure for application for license

When you apply for your license, you need to fill an application form and a medical report. The medical report has to be filled by a practicing doctor, who would be charging a small fee for the same. The facts as stated by you in the medical report should be correct and relevant.

Reporting convictions

When you are applying for the license to drive any large goods vehicle or a passenger carrying vehicle, you should correctly mention to the DVLA if you have any convictions regarding driving hours (driving shifts or duration of the same), loading of goods, and roadworthiness. Other than these, you must also mention any convictions which are not related to driving but which should be known to the authorities for record-keeping.

It would be in your best interest to act as a responsible citizen of the country as disclose all relevant facts about yourself accurately to the authorities.