PCV Category D Automatic Bus licence Training

Automatic Bus Licence (PCV Category D)

The PSV, Passenger service vehicle is now known as the PCV, passenger-carrying vehicle. If you are interested in driving a PCV, then it is essential that you get the PCV category D Licence. Once you are able to obtain this Licence, you will be authorized to drive any automated buses in London. With the training that we are providing, you will be able to know about the basics and the important updates that will help you in clearing the practical exam. After getting the Licence, you will be able to drive Bendi buses, double decker buses and single decker buses. In addition to this, with the training that we are providing, you will be able to get a PCV category D Licence and Category D1 minibus Licence.

For those who are interested in driving manual buses or coaches, have to pass the PCV coach test, which can be done with ease by availing our training services. However, if you are holding a category C+E or Category C Licence, then you just need to clear the PCV test for buses. After you have cleared the examination, your current Licence will be upgraded automatically to manual PCV Licence category D.

Once the test is completed, the applicant has to make an application with the DVLA for the issuance of the Category D provisional licence. Also, it is necessary to fill in the Form D2, which is available with the local post office. It can be also ordered through online mode, which is one the easiest ways.

Requirement for PCV Bus Licence training

As we are offering a wide range of bus driving training services, you can avail any of them as per your choice. However, if you want to get training for PCV Category D for bus, then there are some requirements for the same that are mentioned below.

  • The person must have attained the age of 17
  • Must possess a car Licence that comes in category B
  • The person applying for the training must clear the PCV medical test.
  • You have to arrange for the doctor so that the test can be conducted in the rightful manner. In addition to this, you have to bear the cost of the tests that will be conducted.
  • While going or the medical checkup, you need to fill a DA form. The DA form can be downloaded directly from the web portal of DVLA. (It can even be availed from a post office near your area.)
  • This DA form is important, as it will be filled by the doctor who will be doing the checkup.
  • However, if you are having a LGV medical report and is valid, then you need not take the PCV medical examination.

After you have cleared all the medical exams, along with PCV medical examination you need to apply with the DVLA so that you can get your category D provisional Licence. For getting this Licence, you need to fill the D2 form that is available at a local post office and even at the official web portal of DVLA.

When you are applying for the category D provisional Licence, you can even apply for the category C Licence. In addition to this, one can even apply for the category C+E LGV Licence. Reason behind this is that, there is no fee applicable for the same as of now. Along with this, as these Licences are provisional, you will not require to reapply for the same in the future when you will apply for a permanent Licence.

After all these, you need to cover and complete the final stage or the requirement that will make you eligible to get the training with us. You must complete your LGV training courses and clear your PCV theory test. For clearing these tests, you can make the bookings online at the website of DSAs. To make bookings for your tests, you can even call on the number 0300-200-1122. While making the booking of your theory test, you have to make bookings for both PCV hazard perception and PCV multiple choices. One advantage that you can avail is that, you can practice the LGV theory tests at the online web portal of DSA.

PVC courses for buses in London

When you come to us for availing the PCV category D bus training, you will experience the best of the best from the trainers who are associated with us. As we give equal importance to all, the drivers having all sorts of experience are entertained with us. As we are proving one to one sessions, you will be the only person who will be getting the PCV bus training at one goes. The instructors who are associated with us are DSA approved trainers. We are offering four-hour sessions each day without any breaks so that the time can be utilized in a fruitful manner.

The PCV training courses for buses are marked for twenty hours. It is beneficial for those who do not have experience in driving PCVs. This PCV course is the most popular with us. In addition to this, we even offer courses on LGVs.

It is essential that you select the Bus PVC training course depending on your requirement. We are offering the best and the cheapest PCV training in London. Contact us at the PCV training school in London to know about the PCV course. You can book your PCV course online and compare us with the other PCV training schools.

PCV Bus test and price

The PCV bus test will be done in the same automobile on which you have practiced. The examiner of PCV will check your skills of driving. Once you pass the PCV bus category D test, you can obtain a category D1 (automatic minibus Licence) and category D Licence. This will entitle you to drive bendi buses, double decker buses and single decker buses. After you have completed all the tests successfully, you can apply with any of the companies in London as a bus driver in a hassle free manner.