PCV Category D Manual Coach Licence Training

PCV Coach licence Training

Passenger Carrying Vehicle which is also called as the PCV is a skillful service which needs licenced and trained drivers. In order to become qualified for this job, the eligible candidate has to clear the PCV Category D licence exam. On been certified, the drivers can drive heavy vehicles like buses, single and double deckers, and Bendi buses. The candidates are expected to know the rules, procedure, and other things that will procure them the licence. With Category D entitlement driving licence, the driver becomes eligible for driving the manual coach or the automatic bus. Mini bus licence are issued under the D1 Category.

The licence training pre-requisites:

The licence training can be undertaken by people who are above the age of 17 years. Such candidates can also apply for the full Category B licence course, which is then followed by a PCV medical test. The student has to clear both the exams, in order to move to the next level. The D2 form can be downloaded from the official website of the company. Also the candidate has to be physically present at the time of medical examination, which is done by the GP. At the time of attending the medical examination, it is necessary to carry along with you the filled form D4, which can also be obtained from the local post office. However if you have the LGV medical test report, then you can evade this step.

Once the test is completed, the applicant has to make an application with the DVLA for the issuance of the Category D provisional licence. Also, it is necessary to fill in the Form D2, which is available with the local post office. It can be also ordered through online mode, which is one the easiest ways.

At present there is no fees charged for the Category D provisional licence test. However it is suggested that the applicant research well and check if the Category C and C+E, which is also called as the LGV licence is worth applying. A thoughtful decision at this time will save your time and money in future.

The last test is the most crucial one, which has to be cleared with flying scores. It is called as the PCV Theory test. You can book for the test either by visiting the official website of the company or by directly calling the DSA on their number, which are 03002001122. At the time of booking for the test it is mandatory that the applicant book for both the test, like the PCV Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception. You have an option to book for the PCV CPC at the same stage. Nevertheless it is necessary that you clear the PCV practical training and test, before booking for the PCV CPC. The applicants can also attempt for this test from the DSA’s website.

Different PCV Courses Offered In England

The courses offered by GP Training in England, are designed to accommodate students who have different driving licence. Students are given 1-2-1 coaching courses, and this process is meant to train them well. Instructors here are dedicated and ensure that their students learn all the skills that are required for clearing this exam. The trainers are experienced and teach their students the best skills that will help them to clear the exam in the first attempt. Every day, the trainer and the trainee together spend 4 hours on the wheels. These hours exclude your lunch and coffee breaks. The trainers ensure that the training period is used effectively, which is unlikely with other training institutes. The rules are clearly mentioned and have to be followed by both the trainers and the trainees.

The training program starts off at the early hours at 8 ‘o clock. This time is dedicated for pupils who have no previous experience of driving any sort of PCV’s. Experienced people can get themselves enrolled with the 16 hour training program. This is ideal for people who have previously driven vans and minibus. 12 hour training, on the other hand is designed for people who are experienced in driving heavy vehicles.

During the final stage of training, the 4 hours learning session is properly divided into practical test and pre-test warm up. It also includes the test time and the transportation time required to go back to the depo.

A shorter PCV training course will save you money, thus have a thought about it before enrolling into one of the courses. This will be a smarter move, especially when you are unsure if you will clear the test at the first go. If you are unsure of the type of test of Coach Category D PCV test that will suit you, then it is recommended to seek an expert guidance for the same. Also you can choose the timings that will best match your convenience. We have trainers who can speak Albanian, Bengali, Dari, Farsi, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, and others.

The Coach Test

The applicants has to take the test in the same vehicle they were trained. The test begins with the examiner asking the student some basic and important questions related to driving, which is then followed by a driving test where they are asked to drive for at least one hour. Everything that you do in terms of driving is tested and closely monitored by the experts. One getting the certification, you are eligible to apply for jobs with some of the reputed companies.