PCV Category D1 Minibus Licence Training



Individuals interested in driving a minibus with seating capacity of 17 people inclusive of driver for income on basis of hire will have to attain a category D1 licence for their minibus. As per the mandate, persons already having a category B driving licence on or before 1997 January, shall be having a D1 licence on their record but due to restriction 101 they will not be permitted to drive a minibus for earning income out of it subjected to driving a minibus with maximum of 21 seats for private purpose only. Thus interested candidates who wish to drive a minibus for earning have to qualify and pass the category D1 test.


The course of attaining a Category D1 PCV Training licence involves certain prerequisites and qualifications. Accordingly a summarised list of requirements can be followed:-

  • The applicant must have attained the age of 17 years as on date of application.
  • The applicant must have obtained a driving licence for car that is a Category B driving licence.
  • Candidates in possession of the above will have to pass a medical test of PCV. Privately arrange a GP who will conduct the test and fill in form D4 that the candidate must carry along. This form D4 can be taken from a post office or downloaded from DVLA website.
  • Applicant already having a valid LGV medical shall not be required to undergo the test again.
  • On successful passing of the above medical test, the person concerned has to apply for a provisional licence Category D1 to the DVLA in a completed Form D2. The form is available at your nearest local post office or obtained online on the website.

Recommended- Applicant applying for a provisional category D1 licence may apply or a Category C, Category D as well as Category C+E licence as well. This would not require any additional fee and if one wishes to expand the scope of his driving licence, need not re-apply for provisional licence over again.

  • The Last step in attaining a licence is attending the practical training courses of PCV but before that one must necessarily pass the Theory Test (PCV). The schedule for carrying out this theory test can be made by booking your time with the department either online at DSA website or through calling at DSA line for booking the test. It is suggested to apply for a CPC (PCV) alongside, although it is not mandatory to clear such test before the practical training.


We specialize in providing a wide range of practical training courses for candidates applying for a Category D1 PCV licence. The training schedules are on one to one basis so that the applicant is able to grasp every instruction of the instructor. We provide different levels of training for people with different experience levels. We have a staff of highly qualified and DSA approved instructors who have been giving successful first time qualifiers for a long time.

The training time provided by us in flexible with the level of experience a candidate has. This implies three broad categories of 20 hours, 16 hours and 12 hours training. A 20 hour training schedule is suitable for those who have negligible experience of driving a minibus or any large vehicle. The 16 hour training programme in applicable for those who have a previous experience of driving minibus or van while a 12 hours training is specially designed for persons experienced in driving large vehicles or LGV.

Perfection can be attained only with continued uninterrupted practice, and this has been our basics for every client. Your training session will be provided in sessions of four hours including a final test on last day of the training. The final test will be of four hours consisting of a two hour warm-up pre test, a one and a half hour of the practical test itself with a half hour of transit time.

We offer our services across London and are rated among top. If you have any queries or are confused with which training programme to take, we are willing to help you. Our experts will guide you for which course of training to take keeping in mind your background of driving. We ensure best quality service and first time success rate. You can easily book your session with us online at our website.


The main practical test for the Category D1 licence is taken in your training vehicle itself. The test consists of few questions on vehicle safety by the examiner in the beginning followed by reversing exercise. Later you shall proceed for an approx one hour drive on public road covering the routes on which you have practiced while assessing you’re driving abilities and examining your interaction level with fellow road users.

On successful completion of your test you shall be given a Category D1 PCV licence for driving a 17 seater minibus for earning income from it.