PCV Pass Protection

Who wouldn’t like to rest assured of passing exams? The very feeling of not being able to pass a test – any test – runs a shiver down your spine! Do you want to ensure that you pass your driving tests?

What is Pass Protection?

Pass protection – as the name suggests, it is a process of safeguarding your success with the driving tests and license acquisition. You spend pounds of currency on taking a course and then you go through the turmoil of not passing the tests? This can be very depressing indeed! PCV Pass Protection is ensuring your chance of success in PCV training and tests.

How does it work?

A certain amount of pass protection is taken from you. This subscription comes to use after the tests. If you fail, the pass protection entitles you to a refund of your money, or retests.

It works in two different ways, depending on the policies of the training academy.

  1. Few academies may take the pass protection amount right at the start of your course. This means that even before you start, you pay an amount for passing the tests successfully. Since this amount is usually absolutely non-refundable, you may as well lose you money to fate!
  2. Few academies take the pass protection amount after the test results. You appear for the tests, stand unsuccessful, and re-sit for the exam and then pay.
  3. Few academies claim to train their trainees in such a fantastic and a comprehensive way that they guarantee high first-time pass rates!

PCV Pass Protection is only applicable in case of multiple-choice question tests, i.e. theory. For Driver CPC tests, Pass Protection scheme just doesn’t exist!

Depending on the course subscription package that you choose, the different options available for Pass protection scheme are:

  • Retests at reduced fees
  • Early retests so that the training is fresh in your mind
  • One-to-three free re-sits for the exam
  • Refunding of your money

Nobody can be sure of passing the tests but some preventive methods can be taken – either you can be extremely alert and careful, or go for the Pass Protection package!